Anxiety has been getting worse these last couple of weeks - have had lots going on. Trying to manage it the best I can. Then this morning I wake up as though I’m already in a full blown panic attack, body ready for action to the level worthy of a zombie apocalypse. And I have no idea what has really triggered it to be so so bad. I am ok if I stay in the 4 walls of my room but even trying to do some normal chores I found myself sprinting back into my room as though I was being chased by the boogie man. Ugh! It’s just so exasperating to waste an entire day. I’m trying to feed my brain with all the compassion and self love it obviously needs right now but nothing is working.

On another note, Does anyone else secretly get jealous of people who don’t even know what anxiety is? Like the ones who don’t know what it’s like to be in the midst of a panic attack and having to be in a constant struggle with your own brain to use logic and fight your instincts that honestly believe they are keeping you safe . I am usually pretty positive and accepting that I have anxiety but today it just seems so unnecessary. Wish there was a switch and we could all just flick it off - forever!
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