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    For those with #SexualTrauma , how did you (or have you) discovered the #triggers for your #PTSD ?

    In my twenties, I experienced a total of 7 sexual traumas, from sexual assault, to molestation, to #Daterape . I was also drinking heavily at the time. Now, I’ve been married almost 11 years, have cut down my #Drinking (no drunkenness), but randomly I get #triggered , and it’s so bad I can’t let my husband touch me past anything but a hug. One time, it took a full year to get over one of these spells. My problem is, I don’t know what sets me off! Sometimes I’ll get creeped out by a strange person, or overhear conversations, but nothing concrete. Any suggestions? Should I try EMDR (again- I tried it a few sessions, but maybe the therapist wasn’t the right fit)?
    Sorry this was so long. For context, I am a 37 yr old straight female married to a man. All assaults were perpetrated by men. None were caught or prosecuted. No Justice. #MeToo

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    So I went through the trouble of telling my sexual abuse story. And the mighty immediately deleted it because of a misunderstanding of my experiences. My uncle attempted to sol*ci* child p**n of me at age 12. The mighty saw these words and apparently assumed I was trying to do that. Ugh. I can’t even tell my story????? So frustrating!!! That was so triggering and painful to right! I poured my soul out! 🤬 so now I’m over here crawling in my skin for nothing???? UGH!!!!

    #CPTSD #PTSD #Trauma #Abuse #ChildAbuse #SexualAbuse #ChildSexualAbuse #TheMighty #triggered

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    #triggered by psychiatrist intake call

    I thought this intake call would be a quick med history review, but it ended up being a full hour including being asked to state the method of $uicide I had been thinking of. I had never said that out loud to anyone and now it is just more real in my mind. This call was on Thursday and seriously affected my performance at work as well as my sleep patterns.

    If you saw my last post, you know that I was already feeling super stressed at work because my boss was away sick again. I feel like I made some poor decisions and I couldn't retain information that clients told me. I am not looking forward to going into work today and having my boss bring up some of those decisions. Unfortunately, I can't take a day off this week, though, because it is a super busy all-hands-on deck kind of week.

    This psychiatrist appointment (mid-July) sure better be worth all of this...

    #CheckInWithMe #triggered #Psychiatrist #Work #SuicidalThoughts #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma #MentalHealth

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    What feelings are tied to the moments you feel triggered?

    <p>What feelings are tied to the moments you feel triggered?</p>
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    okay. I have spent a little bit of time reading some posts here and adding a few comments tonight. but the pain from others has triggered me. I hope no one minds if I log out now. I wonder if others feel this way when they are logged on this page sometimes.

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    The son of actress and director, Regina King's son died by suicide. My heart cracked as though I knew him personally. He must have been in so much pain. While thinking of his pain, I was reminded of my own. I'm okay. It's just a sad day. I pray for Ms King as I also pray for those who read this post. Peace. Blessings. Love. Light.

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    so I've been on this app for 24hrs and I already had a man message me trying to bully and pressure me into sending him body pics of myself. Another request I blocked was from a man who was one person in his profile picture one moment and then suddenly a different person drastically the next time I looked. Are there a lot of scammers on this app?? I joined this app to have a safe space. I imagine ppl prey on vulnerable people on this app... which is very disheartening. I definitely don't want to be harassed or preyed upon like this is a dating app or something.. which isn't ok on a dating app either.. this man was telling me his wife died and he might lose his kids to repeatedly trying to make me feel like I owed him a picture of my body which was extremely triggering.. I did block an report him. I hope he doesn't do this to anyone else on here who may fall into his pressuring.. his choice in words were very manipulative. I'm feeling defeated and hopeless. I've been extremely reclusive no social media or anything and anytime I put myself out there online I start losing faith in humanity... but I am greatful for the positive interactions on here. I have a consult with for a potential new therapist tomorrow and I definitely did not need the messages I received tonight :(

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    I hate myself

    When I’m super triggered or want to escape my emotions I automatically go to sex. So lately I’ve been having a really hard time uo and down constantly and I bknetly just wanted to feel something, so I hooked up with this guy and I still don’t feel anything and now I’m triggered to do it all over again. Am I just a whore? I’m so sad. I just want everything to stop. I just want to get high and go away.

    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #hypersexual #sad #Depression #triggered #cycle

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    Everything is...not OK

    <p>Everything is...not OK</p>
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    Frustrated #CheckInWithMe

    I belonged to a Facebook group for millennial wives. Women post different things regarding marriage and relationships. Some things are serious, some are for fun. I decided to post something there that I just wanted to vent about. It might’ve seemed small to some people, but my husband took eggs from the middle of the cartón. It bothered me because it’s like an itch in my brain I couldn’t scratch. I shared this and received what I felt was mockery, disregard and disrespect. I left the group because I felt I should’ve been able to share something. I know it’s the cost of the Internet, but it just bothered me because why don’t i get the courtesy of the safe space like everyone else? Why do I have to post something like abuse or neglect to get some compassion? This is the stuff about having mental health issues I hate. Nobody sympathizes with your struggles because they can’t see it. It’s like why do I need to explain “my husband knows I have shit going on in my brain, and anything being out of order makes my brain feel like it’s melting” to get a little support? It’s just so frustrating to always have to explain yourself or else you get dismissed. #Anxiety #MentalHealth #triggered

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