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Nucala and Anaphylaxis

Does anyone else take Nucala to control their asthma? I've been taken ng it successfully for years and sometimes it felt like it was the only thing really keeping me breathing. On Christmas Eve I had an anaphylactic and hypoxic reaction after receiving my injection. I'm so grateful to the nurses who responded quickly during my observation period, but I'm so scared about not being able to take it anymore. Has anyone else had a reaction like this and beeen able to continue Taking it or are there athoer biologics out there for eosinophilic asthma?

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Severe persistent eosinophilic asthma

I have asthma. I've always had lung problems. When you're born nine weeks early in 1980 your lungs take a long time to catch up. I had lung diseases all the time. I was finally given albuterol when I was six. Mild asthma, they said. In sixth grade, after playing first base at my softball game, I had a severe attack. My first real nebulizer treatment and maintenance inhaler. Moderate asthma, they said. Move through maintenance inhalers. Inhaled steroids, pills, I called it the med go round. College. Soccer game. By this time I owned a nebulizer. Came home wheezing terribly. Roommate, on her way home for the weekend, said she wouldn't leave until I was done with my nebulizer treatment. It didn't work. Off to the ER. Not my first trip, but the worst. ER ICU. Admitted for five days, complete with an A line. Adulthood. Still having regular asthma attacks. Always have been treated by an allergist, so I move to a new place, find an allergist. More inhaled steroids. Moderate-severe asthma. A new med comes out. It's a biologic called Nucala. To be eligible, your complete blood count eocinophil level needs to be at least 150. I come back at 888. Severe eosinophilic asthma. Begin Nucala. It's a miracle. Suddenly I can do things again! I can even jog (before my knee replacement.) I have an unexpected emergency surgery. Miss a dose. Suddenly I'm spending more time admitted to the hospital than in my own bed. Total of seven weeks in the hospital. Switch to a pulmonologist. Diagnosis of severe persistent asthma. Continue Nucala. Maintenance oral steroids. Nebulizer four times a day. Zofran to keep the higher doses of steroids down. Edema from the steroids. Steroids in the nebulizer. Inhaled steroids. Still have my trusty rescue inhaler. Found a nebulizer that can run on batteries, I can always have it with me. Asthma has become my life.
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