My biological father is an abusive alcoholic. We never get along when we seldemly do talk. Yesterday my nana called me and told me that while he was drunk he decided to snort an entire baggie of heroin. He was given 4 doses of Narcan by the EMTs to revive him. He called me that night ddunk and was just talking about non sence. (Which is normal for him.) I am confused on how to feel. Of course i feel terrible for my nana having to deal with that and i dont want him to die but i want him to get scared enough so that he changes his life. A year ago he was on life support due to congestive heart failure. He made it out alive with his heart only functioning at 17%. What makes him think that he can just go back to what he was doing before and starting new drugs he has never done before. He has never been there for me. He only calls me when he is drunk. So why do i have this need to care? I know it sounds cold hearted but i dont want to care anymore. I dont want to worry anymore and most of all im tired of my nana dealing with this on a daily basis with him living in her home. ##Addiction ##why ? #NumbToThis #whatdoido ?