I have been in so much pain for about a month. I'm so irritated, my dr.s kept telling me if your chest hurts go see a doctor. If under your arms hurts see you have a blood clot. I'm sure I do, I even told the Dr. Did he pay attention to me? Nope. As I was going to the hospital in the ambulance, I begun breaking out in hives , choking, turning all kinds of red. The ambulance drivers, told me to take medicine before I leave. They always tell you not to. So I refused. They strapped my feet down and didn't say a word to me but sign this.Didnt even ask me if I was ok I was saying help me, so I reached in my purse and shot my leg with eppi pen. I had to beg for Benedryl and antinausea medicine. They gave me papers to sign and wrote on the paper sorry for being black. #blackwomenarepeopletoo . Meanwhile lady next to me who just happened to have less melatonin gets i.v pain meds, and whatever else she wants. Then it cost me $20 to go home. #Lupus #opiodwar against patients with chronic illnesses who are black! This never happened to me before this Orange man stepped in office. I used to be treated for my pain regardless of what I took at home. I'm tired of going through this. Why doesn't anyone want to help me? Is it because I have been sick for 40 years with lupus? I hate being black in this era of hate and racism! No cure, No help just take the same crap that is doing nothing for me.
#listen #for #free on #Google music,#Apple devices on #itunes radio- I am #theguru _LupusWarrior. There was a report done on the different treatment of black women and doctors and how they believe the worst of us. They drug test me each time I go into the e.r. I fell last week Broke my ribs and stayed home. I knew my ribs were broken but, I wasn't in the mood to be treated like a criminal because I was in pain. I asked the doctor should I just go home and overdose on my meds for you to draw a single tube of blood. Upon reading my test results there were bad things wrong and he just told me to show it to my doctor. It takes me a month to get an appointment, by the time I go, the problem will either be gone or worse. I quit smoking last month, I told the doctor and he didn't believe me because my coat still smells like ciggarettes. I'm not the only person in my house, my boyfriend smokes. I hate this💧😭♿ .