It started with finger shakes.
In January i noticed two of my fingers would shake. Brought it up to my GP and was told it wasn't a big deal.
I kept pressing.
This last Monday, the tremor went up my whole right arm.
While being seen at the ER, it spread to my left leg. The doctor there was wonderful and the digging started. Lots of labs and a head ct.
So she ordered a Brain MRI...
Saw my new GP who was awesome. She agreed this is odd just in general, not to mention, I'm only 28.
Tremors spread to other leg, while i stand and walk.
Brain scan showed nothing. Again.
Now the wait for a Neurology appointment.
Not having control over my body sucks...
Thinking about mobility aids is hard.
Worrying about my safety is exhausting.
Anyone else deal with this?

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