Snort! I am a slow learner. Actually, my strokes come from brain bleeds - not high blood pressure per sea. Took me a week to comprehend that I had a STROKE. That was something I taught! Not something I DID!. Had two more little strokes that I hardly noticed, Then 5 years after the first one, and a BIG stroke on the other side, putting me back to square 1 with the first stroke.

My despair was unbearable! The life I knew was gone forever!

I have been 45 years in working local and national disasters, even becoming a Region 9 OSHA safety and health trainer for universities and colleges.

The picture below is one that I have taught with for a long time. After EVERY disaster, we emerge "so happy to have survived".

Then the reality of the clean-up, the starting over, the FACT that our reality is not going to be the same... creates helplessness, hopelessness, depression, despair, even thoughts of suicide!

THEN we had 2 plus years of the Pandemic, which added isolation to that was we were forbidden to be within 4 feet of each other, not to mention be in groups of people. We have had other disasters too. In Arizona, we have been having 30ish wildfires a day, with flash flooding from the monsoons.

I made this list to support those who are ready to move forward, to activate their resiliency with movement and doing.

I look forward to our adventures together!#resiliency #outreach #Together