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It took a while!

Snort! I am a slow learner. Actually, my strokes come from brain bleeds - not high blood pressure per sea. Took me a week to comprehend that I had a STROKE. That was something I taught! Not something I DID!. Had two more little strokes that I hardly noticed, Then 5 years after the first one, and a BIG stroke on the other side, putting me back to square 1 with the first stroke.

My despair was unbearable! The life I knew was gone forever!

I have been 45 years in working local and national disasters, even becoming a Region 9 OSHA safety and health trainer for universities and colleges.

The picture below is one that I have taught with for a long time. After EVERY disaster, we emerge "so happy to have survived".

Then the reality of the clean-up, the starting over, the FACT that our reality is not going to be the same... creates helplessness, hopelessness, depression, despair, even thoughts of suicide!

THEN we had 2 plus years of the Pandemic, which added isolation to that was we were forbidden to be within 4 feet of each other, not to mention be in groups of people. We have had other disasters too. In Arizona, we have been having 30ish wildfires a day, with flash flooding from the monsoons.

I made this list to support those who are ready to move forward, to activate their resiliency with movement and doing.

I look forward to our adventures together!#resiliency #outreach #Together

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Are you resilient?

It's been 4 months since my boss demoted me, cut my pay, and created a new position That I now report to and promoted one of my colleagues to that new position. In a conversation about it she made an offhand remark:

"Some people are just more resilient."

I don't know why that one statement has such with me, bothers me so much. I pretty sure she was implying that I'm not resilient. She knows about my physical and mental health issues, about the sexual assault trauma I've experienced, but I don't think she understands.

Synonyms for #resilient include #strong #tough #bouyant and #irrepressible . I think the fact that I keep going despite what I've been through proves I'm all of those things.

What about you? Has anyone who has no real clue what you've been through accuse you of not being resilient enough? Don't listen to them. I believe you are!
#Depression #PTSD #Trauma #Fibromyalgia #resiliency #encouragement


What happen to the people who are feeling grateful every day? #COVID19 #CheckInWithMe

It's safe to say that COVID19 has changed a lot of people's life in every possible way right now. While we are facing this hardship, it's important to focus on positivity, growth, and resiliency.

Make gratitude a daily habit. The benefits of gratitude can reach mental well-being and even extend to physical wellbeing.

Here is what I'm grateful for
- staying with my family
- regular contact with my friends
- meals on my table
- raining days
- my dog

What are you grateful for today?
#Gratitude #Habit  #MentalHealth  #resiliency  #Wellbeing