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Just a hello

I am one of many people who live with chronic pain, and sadly, this seem to be increasing every day. It has been by now almost 10 years, that my pain ( I should call them PAINS, because I have different sources of it, and they are very different pains, including my mental health pain ). Anyway, somehow I am the lucky type, because I see the light of existence, in a very strong way. And for that I am thankful. Sending hugs and healing energy to all. #Together #MentalHealth

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Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Hello family!!!

This Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, embrace every dimension of us.

I always try to think about each one of us as a human, before race, or culture, or health issues, or all the other aspects of ourselves. It is not easy many times, of course, because we have a history, our journey, everything we have learned, all we see in media, etc, and that makes us assume something about a person.

I have been an honorary lesbian, an honorary woman, an honorary black woman, an honorary straight person, an honorary trans latine, etc etc, etc

What I've meant with this, is that at many events, conversation tables, literally I've been told I am an honorary guest, that for me, it means been accepted in the family, in the group, in the chat.

It is an honor when a person or a group opens their heart or doubts, or questions to me. For many, it is difficult to start a chat, approach someone, or simply and complicated been ourselves in front of others. So, when I feel accepted, or I see smiles reflecting back to me, or a touch, a hug, a business card, or a WELCOME to this event, especially when the focus is on a particular community, the moment is magical.

I've been at many zooms, or gatherings where I am sometimes the only man, or the only Latino, or the only gay person, etc, etc...and it can be scary, it can be amazing, or complicated, because YES, it's ME/YOU, our body with all the mixing what makes me Jesus Guillen, but also, the way society works, we are REPRESENTING all our parts in front of others who are different ( and of course, this difference at the end means we are EQUAL, but also accepting what makes us unique).

All I'm trying to say is: LET's CELEBRATE THIS MONTH OUR Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage, friends, allies, collaborators, and simply HUMANITY. As a Mexican, many might not know, that our indigenous background has also possibilities of Asian background. Even what has been known and found, it's that even our indigenous past music was more related to the notes used in Asian music than occidental melodies and sounds. Of course, that's another long conversation because most of it was destroyed, hum, the priests said it was music from the devil.


But, yes, at this moment, sending love, thanks, and healing energy to all my Asian American & Pacific Islander friends, allies, and in general THE COMMUNITY.

ALWAYS FIGHT FOR EACH OTHER, and for having a representation of the most possible colors of the rainbow at any event, group, and social media.

Anyone who wants to collaborate in a Zoom or an event, I am here. #Pain #Anxiety #Aging #LGBTQI #Isolation #Loneliness #Understanding ALL!

Affectionate me.

#equality #Inclusion #MentalHealth #Race #ethnicgroup #antistigma #againstageism #Hope

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Hello family!!!!

Just inviting you to an unofficial gathering of our HEALTHEVOICES family, allies, and other health advocates, survivors, and people living with chronic illnesses ( either mental or physical ), chronic pain, and all of you whom I admire and respect.

Let's gather to simply say hello to this new year 2024, to chat, sing, laugh, and why not, even cry. If you want to officially help me host and pass the voice around, let me know and I will include your name and information inside the event. #Together #juntos/as/es ( This Zoom event will be recorded to share with others, and hopefully at least bring a smile to more faces ).

WEDNESDAY Jan 3, 2024 04:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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YES I do deserve to take up space😊Im not perfect in any way but I am a good perperson and I am funny

sometimes can cheer up my friends and family if I try 😊really hard😊I am loved and respected and supported by my family and my work family and my Heaven Family. I am blessed #noalone #Blessed #fortunefavorsthe brave
#ivegotthis !



Special Item

OK. This is probably weird but I am giving it a try. So say you are going to a place, any place, doesn't matter, and you can't bring people or pets, so you have one item you are allowed to bring with you. What would your special item be? Have some fun with this, I hope! #Friends #Friendship #friendships #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #FamilyAndFriends #New #lonely #alone #NoOneFightsAlone #StrongerTogether #Together #SocialInteraction #social #wellness #EmotionalHealth #Health #relate #Chat #Share #post #safe #SafeSpace #Connections #Positivity #positive #Fun #Mindful #Mindfulness #Kindness #ActsOfKindness #ActOfKindness Self-esteem Self-worth #self -love #Confidence #Life #Lifestyle

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It took a while!

Snort! I am a slow learner. Actually, my strokes come from brain bleeds - not high blood pressure per sea. Took me a week to comprehend that I had a STROKE. That was something I taught! Not something I DID!. Had two more little strokes that I hardly noticed, Then 5 years after the first one, and a BIG stroke on the other side, putting me back to square 1 with the first stroke.

My despair was unbearable! The life I knew was gone forever!

I have been 45 years in working local and national disasters, even becoming a Region 9 OSHA safety and health trainer for universities and colleges.

The picture below is one that I have taught with for a long time. After EVERY disaster, we emerge "so happy to have survived".

Then the reality of the clean-up, the starting over, the FACT that our reality is not going to be the same... creates helplessness, hopelessness, depression, despair, even thoughts of suicide!

THEN we had 2 plus years of the Pandemic, which added isolation to that was we were forbidden to be within 4 feet of each other, not to mention be in groups of people. We have had other disasters too. In Arizona, we have been having 30ish wildfires a day, with flash flooding from the monsoons.

I made this list to support those who are ready to move forward, to activate their resiliency with movement and doing.

I look forward to our adventures together!#resiliency #outreach #Together

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Need you advice…. #misunderstood #womenadhd #ADHD #Love &kindness #MentalHealth #Together

So my husband isn’t a fan of my ADHD meds and wants me to not take them despite the helpful nature they offer me! I am very nonconfrintational type of gal and we really don’t disagree much but this one is one I’m just sure about?! What do you all think?! Please be kind is all I ask!

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This group is now a private- full privacy- group!

Hi everyone! We just made this group private instead of it being a publicly seen group.
This means all group content will only be visible to members of the group.

Now everyone in our group can feel completely comfortable sharing about yourself and anything about your life in here, and posting your own posts in here and no worries about letting us really get to know each other so we can achieve this group’s purpose-to grow new, genuine friendships because what’s in this group is only for us to see!

#Friends #Friendship #friendships #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #FamilyAndFriends #New #lonely #alone #NoOneFightsAlone #StrongerTogether #Together #SocialInteraction #social #wellness #EmotionalHealth #Health #relate #Chat #Share #post #safe #SafeSpace #Connections #Positivity #positive #Fun #Mindful #Mindfulness #Kindness #ActsOfKindness #ActOfKindness #Selfesteem #Selfworth #Selflove #Confidence #Life #Lifestyle

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New Friends Destination For Current And Soon To Be New Friends! #Friends #MentalHealth

Doesn’t this image and idea look like a paradise?

Link to join us in this new adventure:

New Friends Ages 40-55ish

We all came on The Mighty ultimately to make new, real connections and to grow new friendships to get rid of this terrible thing called loneliness/being alone that is not good for anyone’s mental health and we all want better mental health.

We all want to have friendships too based on the simple fact that we are humans and humans need to feel connected to other humans.

And the twist with this group, is to all pitch in to make this a place on The Mighty where we don’t focus on our illnesses, because we are more than our illnesses, so much more. And we don’t want to forget that about ourselves. We don’t want to have our personalities get lost, all of the different, cool, unique things that make us who we are as people.

So let’s all pitch in and start just chatting about everyday stuff like you would with any friend, about life in general, sharing things about yourself- just a couple examples -your interests, something you found funny, etc., whatever you would think that this is something you would like to share with a friend, and having some fun being social- because we all know we need to really connect and keep growing new friendships with our mental health in mind.

One smile emoji or even one word can start a friendship. Some of the most comforting words in the universe are “me too.” “Hello.” “How is your day?”…(if you don’t have another conversation starter or reply to join in).

New friends can change your life and your mental health for the better.
Add in anything to get the ball rolling and grow some new friendships here.

We can’t wait to get to know You.

#Life #MightyTogether #Positivity #positive #Kind #ActsOfKindness #ActOfKindness #lonely #alone #MensHealth #MensMentalHealth #good #funny #Fun #happy #Happiness #RoomForJoy #Joy #Mindful #Mindfulness #Together #StrongerTogether #ItGetsBetter #TogetherWeAreStrongerCampaign #FamilyAndFriends #FamilyWeChoose #relate #relatable #Chat #Hope #WhatWeLoveMostAboutLife #wegotthis #NoOneFightsAlone #youmatter #Connect #Connection #SocialInteraction #social #Lifestyle #LifeLessons #Selfesteem #Selfworth #Confidence #Selflove #wellness #Health #EmotionalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #FriendsForSurvival #TheMighty ’sMentalHealthHeroes

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Today is June 5th, HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS awareness day, and I want to share this small documentary/video that my amazing young Italian journalism student from San Jose State University, Alessio Cavalca, did with a lot of love.

Special THANKS to Bill Hirsh, and ALRP, for all they do for our community, so they are part of this video.

Alessio and I connected a few months ago, and he shared with me the fact that one of his cousins died of AIDS in the 80s, and his family was very close to him when that happened. He wanted to bring a little bit of hope to the newly diagnosed and also to the HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS.

This is also for my part, a focus on how much we need more intergenerational communication.

I'm incredibly thankful to Alessio, as I am to Bill and ALRP, but I want to also send love to all the HIV-LONG TERM SURVIVORS today, who many feel invisible and not acknowledged.

We are part of the first generations growing older with HIV, and all we want is to grow older with dignity.

I am myself a 37 years HIV LONG TERM SURVIVOR, living with chronic pain, but somehow, I think I am lucky to be LIVING LOUD.

#hivlongtermsurvivors #Aging #Survivors #l(hiv)vingloud #Together #MentalHealth #HIV #AIDS #intergenerational #ALRP #Hope