Does anyone else find it difficult to navigate the sort of religious minefield that the Mighty can sometimes be? The last thing I want is to suppress other peoples' expressions of whatever faith they hold, whatever religions may bring them peace and comfort in their journey as a Mighty, but I do grow weary with expressions in some posts of certain particular types of faith that seem to assume they have the *only* valid religion, and all others agree with them. This is especially difficult for me because I have #spiritualabuse and its connected #EmotionalAbuse in my past. I don't denounce or deny the inherent goodness of anyone's religion, but I've only been able to say that honestly since I embraced #Buddhism . Can anyone relate? #Atheism #Agnosticism #Humanism #Pantheism #Religious Trauma #ReligiousTolerance #Diversity #Secularism #Religion #Spirituality