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Are You Suffering?

Suffering. I read something a while ago about not using that word, and I've been thinking about it since. I completely agree that it isn't wise to use it indiscriminately to say something like, "They are suffering with _____." Maybe some people are, but others aren't. That's 100% true.

Of course, not everyone's experience of suffering is the same. It goes without saying that not suffering is perceived by others. And one person's might suffer when someone else in the same situation feels joy.

On the other hand, to avoid using the word risks minimizing someone's experience. For instance, I suffer from/with erythromelalgia. I just do. It causes pain, anguish, and fatigue. When I get a migraine, I'm suffering. If I were to suggest that I did not suffer, I would be lying.

That's not to say suffering is my only experience of EM. I don't always suffer, and sometimes I have mixed emotions even during my worst flares. Pain and suffering are not synonymous.

There are similar phrases that people use without thinking, like "confined to a wheelchair." When I use a wheelchair, I'm not confined to it. A wheelchair gives me mobility and access that I wouldn't otherwise have.

The word and idea of "suffering" is similar. I'll be much more aware of how to use and not use the word.

Major religious traditions recognize the role of suffering in our lives. It's even the First Noble Truth of the Buddha. "The reality of dukkha." During the next few days, Christians commemorate the suffering of Jesus on Good Friday.

What about you? Do you suffer? And what are your thoughts about using the word "suffering?" At minimum, suffering is complex. Thanks!

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Wariness of Religious Mighties?

Does anyone else find it difficult to navigate the sort of religious minefield that the Mighty can sometimes be? The last thing I want is to suppress other peoples' expressions of whatever faith they hold, whatever religions may bring them peace and comfort in their journey as a Mighty, but I do grow weary with expressions in some posts of certain particular types of faith that seem to assume they have the *only* valid religion, and all others agree with them. This is especially difficult for me because I have #spiritualabuse and its connected #EmotionalAbuse in my past. I don't denounce or deny the inherent goodness of anyone's religion, but I've only been able to say that honestly since I embraced #Buddhism . Can anyone relate? #Atheism #Agnosticism #Humanism #Pantheism #Religious Trauma #ReligiousTolerance #Diversity #Secularism #Religion #Spirituality


Do you ever feel confused between your genuine disability and the constant refrain of "that's just self-cherishing" from others?

#Buddhism #CPTSD

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Self care Sunday

After a very rough week and Saturday feeling with thoughts of not being good enough for anyone, thinking my wife is walking out on me, that my parents secretly hate me, being in a dark place emotionally and mentally I decided to sage my house, head to the water, get an ice cream cone and read a little before I cleanse my crystals for the full moon. Out of nowhere I get a text from a random number saying I am welcome and they love me. This is either archangel Michael who I called upon to help sage my house, or a guardian angel of mine. Either way my mood has completely changed and I’m feeling great! #Selfcare #Selflove #Buddhism #Crystalhealing