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    Something that has really helped me stay on the track to better health is consistency. Staying consistent with treating your mental health (medication and therapy) is wonderful. However there are many other ways you can be consistent in your life too. Consistency has a lot to do with habits and while forming or breaking a habit can be daunting, it is possible. Treat yourself with grace, patience and kindness. You deserve it, especially if you are trying to break a toxic and unhealthy habit. Try to be consistent with your physical health too. Treat your body with the respect it deserves. I personally am attempting to have better physical health. I am making changes to my lifestyle. If you are religious (like I am) or spiritual then try to be consistent there too. I am trying to keep a prayer journal as well as my regular journal. When you are anxious or depressed, remind yourself that it is okay to not be okay but do not let them play tricks on you. You can and will reach your goals with consistency. One of my goals is to heal (as an abuse survivor) to a point where I no longer have crying spells or go into a mental health crisis. What is your goal and how will consistency help you reach it?

    #SexualAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Trauma #Inspiration #Motivation #CONSISTENT #Health #Anxiety #Depression #thankful #Hope #Religion #Spirituality #Lifestyle

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    #Religion #witchcraft #Spirituality

    #witchcraft my journey, obviously isn’t the norm and I’m OK with that. I just wish people would respect others when it comes to religion spirituality as long as nobody is getting hurt/killed I see no crimes committed.

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    Navigating Nature, Community, and the Digital World as a Witch

    I have a lot of difficulty with integrative practices, by which I mean my brain can be quite rigid and compartmentalized due to trauma, and it's hard to mash two compartments together.

    One of the ways this presents for me as a practicing witch is my struggle to unite the natural aspects of the practice, which I find grounding and liberating, with the communal and Digital aspects, each of which I find independently triggering as well as inseparable in our modern world.

    I feel the call of the hermit. My broken BPD heart just wants to be alone in the forest listening to the animals and the wind in the trees. And I'm actually taking steps to make my real life closer to the this, but I also know I crave community. This is the part that is harder for me.

    Community is triggering. In my past, and particularly related to my religious trauma, community has represented a controlling force, mass enmeshment, and segregation from outside groups. The community I envision for myself is nothing like this, but I still find myself too afraid to engage much in any group of community members.

    Individual interactions are also triggering. While I find it easier to cope with one person than with a group, I live with attachment issues, have difficulty reading other people, and carry a lot of residual shame that keeps me from opening up effectively. It's hard for people to understand this, and even harder to get them to stick around long enough to learn how to get to know me.

    Which brings me to the Digital world, including here on The Mighty. Using screens and internet has left me feeling very ungrounded in the last couple years. I lose too much time, get distracted and unfocused, or see something triggering that could have been avoided. And then I end up thinking about all that lost time and energy I could have put into the "real world".

    Can anyone else relate to any of these struggles?

    Are there ways you have been able to integrate your spiritual practice into community and/or online efforts?

    Do you have any other coping skills or tools you've found useful in these areas?

    Thank you for reading. 🙏🌿🌙

    #Disability #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #CPTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Depression #Spirituality #Nature #Community #MightyTogether

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    Growing Pains

    Back in the day,

    We used to play outside till dawn

    Now, we're just another government pawn

    Back in the day,

    We used to live, laugh & grow

    Now, we are forced to work our asses off bro

    What is this shit? (mind my language)

    Death is a trap to try and get us to submit?

    As kids, we couldn't wait to be adults

    Now, I reflect and I am like that was truly nuts!

    The days when we could cry and be comforted

    Childhood turned to adulthood and those days plummeted

    Now, we're struggling to make ends meet, Who would have thought, childhood was only a treat

    But it's life,

    So put away that knife

    It is what it is -

    God is good, all is his

    Better days are ahead

    So, go and continue to chase that bread!

    #Life #resilience #NeverGiveUp #Suicide #SuicideAwareness #Selfharm #selfharmawareness #strength #courage #bravery #Independence #freedom #freedomwriters #useyourwords #expression #expressyourself #creativity #Deep #deepthinkers #bold #Spirituality #Meditation #Spiritual #calm #Zen #gowiththeflow #liveinthepresent #loa #TheSecret #manifest #manifestation #Positivity #PositiveVibes #GoodVibes #vibes #Energy #YouCanDoIt #Believe #Hope #Care #Empathy #compassion

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    How To Define Who You Are When You’ve Lost Part of Yourself

    Hey yall,

    I wanted to share my story that was syndicated by The Good Men Project. I discuss how to find your identity when you've lost part of yourself.

    "The answers to these questions will, without fail, reveal your core identity. We’re going to dig deeper than activities and nouns that describe your career. You are more than that."

    I hope this article is helpful!

    #MentalHealth #Identity #selfImprovement #personaldevelopment #Spirituality



    What has saved you?

    What has saved you during your darkest hours? When I struggle, sometimes I really don't know where to turn. I have been on the bottom of the pit at times, and if anyone has suggestions as to how they found hope, I'd love your insight.#Hope #Faith #BipolarDisorder #Psychosis #Healing #Spirituality


    Honesty, Truth, Authenticity, Acceptance

    Sometimes there will be a theme that comes up for me throughout a period of time. Today's recurring theme has been Truth.

    The day began with providing my partner with some peer support. They needed reminding of the Truth of how things are, and to be reminded of the Truth of who they are. We discussed radical acceptance and living authentically.

    After lunch, I had a workshop on the Seven Sacred Teachings offered to us by indigenous peoples across the continent. Today's teaching was honesty, to others, to ourselves, in relation to reality, and in relation to our spiritual path and guides. Speaking and living and acting in Truth.

    Before dinner, I chose to watch a nostalgic kid's movie about an important car race. One of the characters meditates on desert hill between races, seeking guidance from his ancestors. He receives a vision, an elder who speaks to him and warns him of a danger in his path. The man believes this danger to be a physical threat and continues with caution. After the next race, he goes to meditate and the elder comes to him again. When he asks the elder what the danger was, the elder replied, "The greatest danger of all is to see only what you want to see, and not what is true."

    Does this theme of honesty and truth resonate for anyone else today?

    And does this ever happen to you? Do you recieve thematic lessons from the universe, etc?

    #MentalHealth #Spirituality #Truth #honesty #RadicalAcceptance #authenticity

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    Shell From Lake!

    Hi! I enjoy shelling and wanting to share. Such a simple, beautiful creation! 😍 #Paganism #Spirituality


    Shelling #Paganism #Spirituality

    Hey! I absolutely LOVE shelling (picking up shells at beaches, lakes) and wonder why sea shells never caught on in the spiritual community like Crystals and other things did? I love the size, texture, color, and shape, etc. I collect them and make projects with them. Any thoughts?🌻