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To the person who #ParentingWithMentalIllness #ParentingBPD #parentalalienation ....

To the person who gave me life,
Where are you now?
To the person I thought was solid,
You have left me wondering how?
How any mother could just give up,
If u love me no u couldn’t
How a mother can live life as normal
Without guilt no u shouldn’t,
Even if a mother feels responsible
For the mistakes her child made
A real mother does not give up
And her love never would fade
You don’t deserve to be a mother
If u aren’t willing to see it through
All the challenges you have to face
Accept things new to you
Why in hell would u want me to
Become a shadow of you
it’s obvious you didn’t succeed in life
Do u want that for me too?
Just because you don’t think that
The way I live is right
What makes it less wrong than the
Goals you once had in sight?
I don’t want to live life scared as you
Scared to think for myself
Scared society might frown at me
For choosing my own self
I’ve seen how happy you are in this
Following of the “right” ways
That’s not me I won’t follow them
Living “right” in fear of what everyone says
Where has it got u mum?
Living the way you “should”
You have one daughter now
Not two like you could
But keep on living the right way mum
Your killing it at life.
Nearly as quickly as you killed me
When u wished I’d lost my life.
Is it cos I embarrass you
For standing for what I believe ?
Or the envy wishing you had the balls
To voice your opinion or leave?
I’m proud of me and the brave ways
I now tackle the life I’ve been dealt
And no opinion, not even yours,
Will Change the way Ive always felt
So wallow in your happy life
Living the way you “should” do
But dont dis me for choosing how I live
Just the way you could too


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I am a mother of an 18 yr old who lives with BPD. I need tips on how to help and support her. What to do, as well as areas to avoid. #Mombpd #ParentingBPD #BPD