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Understanding the Language Used

Medical kidnapping and illegal seizure are terms rarely used in the medical, psychiatric and law community, but they are real terms. You can read about medical kidnapping on Attorney Allison Folmar web site. To explain it to you in terms you may understand. For example, you take you child to the doctors and your complains are regarding their vaccinations. You explain to the doctor that your child had a reaction to the previous vaccination and you do not want to get any more for your child. The doctor does not agree with you and tells you that if your child does not get the vaccine they will cite you for medical neglect, eventhough your child has had all their other vaccines, but due to your refusal the medical personnel at the hospital calls CPS and they arrive. CPS states that since you refused medical treatment, your child needs these vaccinations and that is why they are having medical problems, you disagree, but since the hospital made the call the Social Worker states they have to take the child. This was one example of medical kidnapping.

What was done wrong? Nothing

What could the parent have done differently? Nothing

Where her rights violated? Yes

Where did the child go? The CPS worker took the child to enter foster care, while the case is being created for you to go to court.

Is this legal? No, but Medical kidnapping is crime, but many Attorneys do not practice specifically in this type of crime and do not refer to it as such. Within the medical kidnapping, you have violations of other laws that aren't followed, such as civil rights violations, the 4th, 8th and 14th amendment. Depending on the state you live in there may be other violations.

How can this happen? Financial Incentive

Everytime a child comes into state care, the federal government pays the state agency money for each child. If your child has a disability that comes into foster care, the state receives additional money; therefore, the more kids in care, the more money the state receives. Now, to be fair and honest The State of Maryland Baltimore City Department of Social Services are mandated to uphold policies and procedures to ensure children are safe, but if you don't have an administration that is abiding by the laws, policies or procedures then your rights are violated.

Who advocates or speaks up for the child and parent? Y.O.U

If there are specific questions that need to be answered, please provide them. #Abuse #SocialServices #FosterCare #cps #medicalkidnapping #parentalalienation #narcissistic #triangulation #manipulation #Children #MentalHealth #lawyer

In the next part of this journey I will provide certain laws and terminology used, so you can understand them.

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My babies

My boys were taken from me by their monster of a father and he’s been keeping them from me. I fought for so long to try and get them back but my circumstances prevented me from getting them and now I know I can’t fight for them bc my current bf(or whatever title he wants to put) is an addict and is not a good environment for my babies. But it hurts bc I know he’s putting crazy stuff in their in their precious minds about mommy. He actually told them that the reason I left him in 2014 was bc I was abusing him n abusing drugs and he asked me to leave but the real reason was it was the first time that he put his hands on me in front of the boys and I told myself “HELL NO!” After years of emotional, verbal and sexual abuse that was the last straw. N now I thought I finally met the man of my dreams but here I am a year later wishing I had somewhere to go so I could leave this guy. My family won’t help n take me in temporarily, no friends to help me get out, so I’m stuck with this guy, that I don’t want my kids around, until I save enough for my own place. I wish there was something I could do to leave now. I can’t handle the emotional abuse anymore! This is taking a big toll on my mental health and thanks to my bpd things r not greeting any better. I miss my babies so much. #parentalalienation #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ineedtoleavehim #Broke #brokenmom

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Circle of Grief #parentalalienation #Depression #Grief

The sadness and anger and fear just leaks out of me at the slightest trigger. I see my daughter and become elated but saying goodbye slowly sets me back into this quicksand of despair😢😢
I keep being told not to feel, to hold back my tears, reach within myself to find happiness but when you suffer from depression and life has dragged you across the coals of pain which grow hotter with anger every day.... I just don't know if I can #Helpsomeone #MissMyDaughter #injustice #Trauma

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#parentalalienation Has anyone else dealt with this?

I've been dealing with it for almost 13 years and my daughter's mom is again, right now trying to deny me another 6 week visit. I'd like to find someone with similar circumstances to talk to, someone who truly understands and can be supportive. Please. #ChildAbuse #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety #PanicAttacks


Is parental alienation an allowable topic of discussion?

And if so, what are the things that can and cannot be discussed? I'd made a post about this topic before that was blocked from public view on here. I would like to open up about my story and try to find some empathy and reprieve from other people experiencing this horrible phenomenon. #parentalalienation #ChildAbuse

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heart broken from parental alienation

I’m so heartbroken and depressed right now because it’s the holidays and I’m being excluded from my sons life while my narcissistic ex wife goes around doing holiday things with my son.
there’s no reason why I couldn’t be there for these events but I can’t say anything or do anything because she has custody so I have to suffer in silence and watch through social media as my son does these events without me. #heartbrokenfather #parentalalienation #NarcissisticMother


I miss my daughter #parentalalienation #Depression #Survivor

I haven't heard my 15 year old daughter's voice in over 2 years. She quit responding to my text this time last year. I'm blocked on all social media. But I have found a round about way to see some post of her here and there. I feel like such a stalker. Sometimes I feel like seeing her helps and other time I just want more and I go down the rabbit hole for hours trying to learn about her. I'm already dreading the holidays. I do my best to put on the show for my younger child and partner, but I know they can tell. I feel like I've failed my older daughter and I'm failing my younger child no matter what I do. Wish I could fix this!

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To the person who #ParentingWithMentalIllness #ParentingBPD #parentalalienation ....

To the person who gave me life,
Where are you now?
To the person I thought was solid,
You have left me wondering how?
How any mother could just give up,
If u love me no u couldn’t
How a mother can live life as normal
Without guilt no u shouldn’t,
Even if a mother feels responsible
For the mistakes her child made
A real mother does not give up
And her love never would fade
You don’t deserve to be a mother
If u aren’t willing to see it through
All the challenges you have to face
Accept things new to you
Why in hell would u want me to
Become a shadow of you
it’s obvious you didn’t succeed in life
Do u want that for me too?
Just because you don’t think that
The way I live is right
What makes it less wrong than the
Goals you once had in sight?
I don’t want to live life scared as you
Scared to think for myself
Scared society might frown at me
For choosing my own self
I’ve seen how happy you are in this
Following of the “right” ways
That’s not me I won’t follow them
Living “right” in fear of what everyone says
Where has it got u mum?
Living the way you “should”
You have one daughter now
Not two like you could
But keep on living the right way mum
Your killing it at life.
Nearly as quickly as you killed me
When u wished I’d lost my life.
Is it cos I embarrass you
For standing for what I believe ?
Or the envy wishing you had the balls
To voice your opinion or leave?
I’m proud of me and the brave ways
I now tackle the life I’ve been dealt
And no opinion, not even yours,
Will Change the way Ive always felt
So wallow in your happy life
Living the way you “should” do
But dont dis me for choosing how I live
Just the way you could too


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