So, as I sit in my car in yet another Walmart parking lot, alone and waiting.
The circumstance that got me here summed up, is I live in an apartment and my landlord has had a plumber to come and evaluate the toilet. Well, it is currently Monday January 1, 2019 and not being able to be at my home because the plumber needs equipment that won't arrive until Thursday, hopefully!!!
It is a horrible situation. Not one you want, especially in the middle of the night after you've taken medicine for a good night's sleep. Oh, wait no can't do that... If I need to drive anywhere to a public restroom because I'd be medicated.
So today we'll not count it as a bad start to the year, because I never accomplished anything worthy of noting today.
Except the fact that I need to be more educated about renter's rights , you'd think the landlord would have to place me in a hotel?
I honestly don't know, and we all that deal with any form of #MentalHealth issue know, Is that I just feel today like I can't possibly handle one more thing that's negative.
#thestruggleisreal #Neverending & is a #pia (pain in the axx literally and figuratively)!!! 🎉 Happy New Year to all and to all a good night as I speed out of sight in search of the nearest public fesitivities (no., Facilities) 😎😱🤔

See it could be worse. Because, normally I'm sitting outside Walmart working on my anxiety boiling up as I want and need to go inside, but this time is was just the most convenient parking lot to my overnight facilities available place I'm heading to soon!