I received a neuropsych eval at the beginning of last year, and I initially accepted it, but recently started becoming really suspicious about it. I’m hyper-empathic, I don’t understand a lot of social constructs, and the more people try to help me or explain it to me, the less I feel like it’s something i can make *a thing* in my brain, i don’t have a sense of self whatsoever, and I get panic/#Anxiety attacks which I’m starting to suspect are actually meltdowns. And i get them in workplaces, which makes me nervous about future attempts at getting jobs. But I get rejected from most jobs I apply for anyway unless I bs my way to the interview. I recently started having issues with #SensoryOverload too…. Needless to say, I’m nervous, because I’m about to move, and I need supports, but I’m not sure if I’ll be believed where I’m about to move to. I want to feel safe being myself, having the needs I do, and learn how to be okay with who I am. That’s what this label would do.