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    PTSD trigger plus sensory overload #PTSD #SensoryOverload

    Today at work I was overwhelmed there were three teens and I am 24 years old. I work in a restaurant. The phone was ringing and we had gotten busy and one of them went to grab it and I said not to answer it. My manager (who is also my friend.) Told me not to tell him that. I'm not really sure why I said that and I shouldn't have told him that. What triggered me was the tone she used it was a tone that brought up alot of feelings and combined with all of the noises(people calling things out, timers going off, the three teens getting in a group and talking ect.) I started to get upset and cry a little. I went into the back and my manager let me hit her vape and take a minute outside.
    I'm still obsessing over this, I kept apologizing throughout the day when she asked me what was wrong I told her it was the sensory thing. I didn't tell her the ptsd part because it is hard to explain to somebody what triggered it without making them feel bad and I have this obsession of not wanting people to be mad at me. Thanks for reading my rant about my day

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    Shoutout to the grandparents

    <p>Shoutout to the grandparents</p>
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    sometimes I just can't

    Sometimes I feel like needles are stabbing in my feet

    Sometimes I struggle with my food no matter what I eat

    Sometimes I wake up tired, more than the night before

    Sometimes I just get angry that my body feels so sore.

    Sometimes I feel so heavy, like I weigh a thousand pounds

    Sometimes I’m bothered by the lights and sometimes by the sounds

    Sometimes I need to just go off on a little rant

    Sometimes I do lots of things, but sometimes I just can’t. #Fibromyalgia #Endometriosis #ChronicPain #SensoryOverload

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    Do you struggle driving during sunset/dusk

    I have always struggled driving during this time of day… the sky is changing, the light is changing, there is a mixture of cars with their lights on at different brightnesses.

    I’ve never really thought much of it, I just try to avoid driving during this time of day as it gets too much.

    After she was driving during this time of day earlier this week, it dawned on my wife if it has some sort of link to Neurodiversity.


    #Neurodiversity #SensoryOverload #BipolarDisorder #ADHD #Autism

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    Have you heard of the term “sensory defensiveness?”

    <p>Have you heard of the term “sensory defensiveness?”</p>
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    What do your sensory needs look like?

    <p>What do your sensory needs look like?</p>
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    Meme #2

    <p>Meme <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="2" href="/topic/2/" data-id="5c64d91335c7bd00cd341379" data-name="2" aria-label="hashtag 2">#2</a> </p>
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    Community Voices

    I received a neuropsych eval at the beginning of last year, and I initially accepted it, but recently started becoming really suspicious about it. I’m hyper-empathic, I don’t understand a lot of social constructs, and the more people try to help me or explain it to me, the less I feel like it’s something i can make *a thing* in my brain, i don’t have a sense of self whatsoever, and I get panic/#Anxiety attacks which I’m starting to suspect are actually meltdowns. And i get them in workplaces, which makes me nervous about future attempts at getting jobs. But I get rejected from most jobs I apply for anyway unless I bs my way to the interview. I recently started having issues with #SensoryOverload too…. Needless to say, I’m nervous, because I’m about to move, and I need supports, but I’m not sure if I’ll be believed where I’m about to move to. I want to feel safe being myself, having the needs I do, and learn how to be okay with who I am. That’s what this label would do.

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    Help on Sensory Overload Crash?

    I am absolutely exhausted. My stress levels have been so high that I’ve had sensory overload episodes twice in one week. I woke up this morning and have done nothing but lay around curled into a ball. I feel sad, tired, and sometimes nothing at all. I went back to sleep for an hour and felt better for twenty minutes. Then I was back to not being able to get myself to move. I simply do not have it in me. Has this happened to anyone else? I need advice. Anything really. I’m just so tired. #SensoryOverload #Anxiety

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