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Anyone else doing a PhD? At uni, an academic, or postgraduate? #University #PhD #PostGraduationDepression

I’m suffering from imposter syndrome. I’m at a top school (think Ivy League) that was extremely competitive to get in. Think 10% admissions rate. Surely there was a mistake in admissions. I should not be here. I see how hard all my colleagues work and I feel like a lazy ungrateful idiot. The pressure is intense and I am way behind in my research.
Any one else out there who is a postgraduate or PhD student?


Nothing is going right

I graduated less than a month ago. Came with that is the end of a relationship. I’m trying to get things settled for my upcoming job in July but nothing is set in stone. Being an international student I’m still waiting for my work authorization meaning I have a chance of losing this job before I even start. I’m in a phase of just waiting which makes me feel completely helpless and useless. I cannot come to anyone for support. My family cannot help with anything I’m dealing with. All my friends are off the grid due to traveling, busy with summer school or dealing with the same issues. I just feel like I have nowhere to go to.

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Post graduation depression

I graduated in December. My anxiety and depression went thru the roof since. I don’t want to get out of bed, I have zero motivation, I legit just gave up. School was very difficult for me to accomplish with my mental health issues, I thought finishing the race would be a huge thing for me, leave me feeling accomplished but instead I feel deflated, let down, and beat up... Im seeing a new doctor today... my meds are not working, clearly. Anyone else ever experience this. #PostGraduationDepression #CheckInWithMe #BPD #GAD