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    Having chronic illness is like your body punishing you for simply trying to live your life.

    I went to a picnic on Saturday, and I am still suffering the consequences of me trying to act like a normal student and have fun.

    #POTS #AutonomicDysfunction #Undiagnosed #University #Student


    Counsellor in training.

    I knew it was going to be hard. But damn. I have been skipping classess, I haven’t been able to gain a practicum placement, due to having epilepsy (have to be medically certified, which is totally understandable), which means I fail that paper. but after the 6 week break we had. I haven’t been the same person. I’m dull. I have no motivation. I have no drive. I feel burnt out. Feels like the rope around my neck is getting tighter and tighter. Fight or flight mode really. I need to get assessments done. So that’s all I really focus on anymore. I want to talk to someone, but no one has time and I don’t want to be that moaning person.
    Overall; I want to help people but my tank is empty right now. And I don’t want to fail my degree because I wasn’t strong enough to push through like I should be doing. #Depression #Anxiety #University #Anxiety #Stress