I feel good but tired. I finally got some relief today. Mom was able to help me wash and comb my hair. I took a shower too. I'm very grateful that I was able to married. My husband can't provide much financially right now because of the economy (covid). But he's amazingly supportive, compassionate and loving. He is an emotional giant which is helping me in so many ways. My own father can't bear to be around me because I'm sick. He can't fix it or control it so he's scared and uncomfortable that just makes me want to cover it up (unhealthy) or avoid him because it just makes me feel bad about myself. I have never ending appreciation for my compassionate mother. She has literally nursed me and isn't giving up until i am truly well again, until I finally feel like I am myself again. The self that is shed, disintegrated and gone. Hopefully as medicine advances we will find new ways to fix my legs and brain. I'm forever hopeful for that. Though I'm tired, I'm grateful and not ready to give up. #LymeDisease #postlymedisasetreatmentsyndrome #ChronicLymeDisease #Psychiatry #Psychmeds