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Hello my #MightyTogether followers! Here is your simple but powerful reminder for today from an account I follow on social media! Please take time to acknowledge your progress no matter how small. Small steps can help in long journeys. I am proud of you 👏🏻🕯️❤️‍🩹🥲🥹#Anxiety #PTSD #Depression #private .Practice.Startup #repost

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Newly diagnosed

Hi I'm Nina, and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia finally after 6 years of being pushed around the NHS and spending thousands on #private chiropractors and acupuncture treatments, including physio sessions etc.
I have been signed off over the Xmas period from work and now awaiting an OH referral appt from work to adjust my job role.
Glad to read like minded thoughts and situations from you all. I'm turning 60 next month and just need to slow down at work without busting ass to come home and collapse with ice packs on my back and neck.
I too have limited my social life to a few people and shorter trips out, less entertaining, coming home early from an evening out etc as Im in too much pain all the time. GP has put me on low steroids for 10 days which are easing hand swelling and joint pain but that's not long term. What then?
I'm dreading returning to work and not being able to do my job to the required standard but it's trial and error I guess right? Anyway, glad to be here.

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