I wanted to post last week about the sad Suicde of Caroline Flack .I was unbelievablely affected .Was any one else ?
As someone who suffers Suicde ideation , can be very very scary and think ...Why am I still here ! I was "In It " for 6 days ..Thank God Saturday it had eased . I push on because today I got out and connected with people , laughed and felt like I was back in game of life . My Dad passed away 6 weeks ago he was 93 . I'm just being offered another 18 mths thearpy.
Days like this ..I sobbed in Pret ! saw Doctor and glad I was part of life today.
why I push on is for the good days I cling too ...For me to come so far & through so many dark days ...Some love & Light came in today . I saw the regular & familiar faces in The city. Had a laugh with Big Issue guy , who calls me " Miss " As I used to be his worker many years ago ! So lovely . As I smile to myself " I'm doing ok " ....Getting there ...I push on for the little moments like today ...🌻💖
#Hope #Love #pushon #semicolon