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First Tattoo

Yesterday I got my very first tattoo. So happy with how it has turned out.

Design started with butterfly as it was what I would draw on myself to help with self harm urges.

From there added the semi colon for when author decides to continue sentence instead of it end it (project semicolon). Last summer I was hospitalized against my will for suicidal thoughts. And so glad I had friends to walk through me with it.

Then butterfly design itself is based of Pokémon vivillon. Because Pokémon was a way to connect with some friends afterwards that helped give me something to do. And picked elegant form because one I love purple and two the word speaks to me and what I want to be.

#Selfharm #Tattoo #Suicide #ProjectSemicolon #semicolon #MentalHealth #Depression

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I will persevere #semicolon #MentalIllness #BPD #Depression

Everyone in their lifetime has been put to the test, trials and tribulations. It’s the question of how you continue to preservere. I had this tattoo done over a year ago. Somewhere in it is the semicolon symbol. We all know what that symbol means.

Ever since I was hospitalized for attempted suicide several weeks ago I had a complete 180 turn on my life. Armed with knowledge I’ve learned from my 7 day stay, I have a better outlook on life. It didn’t matter how hard my battles were I kept going. Things are never easy, it never is. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up.

I know you’re having difficulty with getting through life. Welcome to the club but that doesn’t mean you’re throwing in the towel. You keep going and never looking back.

As for me I recently experienced a heartbreak. I’m currently grieving but I know I’ll get over the heartache. Life will go on. I’ll continue to better myself and grow. My main priority is Me.

You never stop learning, never stop improving and never give up on yourself! Make a promise to yourself. I believe in you! #believeinyourself #selfImprovement


Why push on ? ; 🌷#MentalHealth #suicdeideation #AGoodDay

I wanted to post last week about the sad Suicde of Caroline Flack .I was unbelievablely affected .Was any one else ?
As someone who suffers Suicde ideation , can be very very scary and think ...Why am I still here ! I was "In It " for 6 days ..Thank God Saturday it had eased . I push on because today I got out and connected with people , laughed and felt like I was back in game of life . My Dad passed away 6 weeks ago he was 93 . I'm just being offered another 18 mths thearpy.
Days like this ..I sobbed in Pret ! saw Doctor and glad I was part of life today.
why I push on is for the good days I cling too ...For me to come so far & through so many dark days ...Some love & Light came in today . I saw the regular & familiar faces in The city. Had a laugh with Big Issue guy , who calls me " Miss " As I used to be his worker many years ago ! So lovely . As I smile to myself " I'm doing ok " ....Getting there ...I push on for the little moments like today ...🌻💖
#Hope #Love #pushon #semicolon


#semicolon #Believe #strengthwithin

My friend posted on Facebook a few days ago for all of her friends to "Post any one word or symbol that gives them hope or reminds them that everything they need is within themselves and they are enough". She got about 5 responses. One was mine.
I posted a picture of my semicolon tattoo on my right inner wrist. I got it at a very bad time in my life by someone that was very bad and I do no longer have any connection with, however, that just makes the message even that much more stronger that I was the writer of my own story and I could change the ending.

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#CheckInWithMe : my new #Tattoo

I never knew what the #ProjectSemicolon really meant until I started to really look into it. For those of you who don’t know, the #semicolon represents where the author could have ended his sentence, but instead decided to keep going.

My #SemicolonTattoo represents how I could have stopped in the beginning of my #fight with #MentalHealth , #MentalIllness , #Depression , #BipolarDisorder , #Anxiety but instead I decided to keep going.

Under my tattoo, you can see my #Scars , a perpetual reminder of my past. However, I placed the tattoo above them to remind myself I came out on top.



No tattoos.... #Depression#Anxiety#semicolon

I do not have any tattoos. Just personally, not a fan.  

I do have signs on my body from my depression over 20 yrs ago.  Before there were terms for SI or whatever anyone wants to call it now.  Well, I only heard of it on an ancient style forum after I was already doing it for quite awhile.   I was an adult with a husband and kids at home.  Thought it was just me.
My therapist found out. Not happy!!   It was an addiction, a harmful one, and I had to quit cold turkey.  

But the scars remain.  Very visible.  It is sad to me.  In the 90's I wanted it to be  a sign to all of how much I was hurting.  Now I'm ashamed.  As if someone would have asked me about it I would have said how my dad raped me as a toddler.  Totally.  I will probably never tell my siblings.  

This is my personal opinion but I think getting a tattoo after a hard thing is basically self-injury that is socially acceptable.  I have extended family and friends that have them and each marks a trauma in their life.  

I'm ok that most don't agree with my thoughts.  These are mine thoughts and I'm OK with those that have tattoos for any reason.  Please don't think I'm judging you.  Not at all.  

I have a semi-colon charm for bracelets and a ring that has a semi-colon as well as "my story isn't over yet" on it. I hadn't worn it in a long time. Got it back out in December. Needed the reminder. #Depression#Anxiety

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I’m continuing my story #semicolon

Still here. Went to my friends house. It was nice to get out but I got sick in the car as per usual. Had a #PanicAttack #Anxiety #depressed my whole world is upside down. I’m probably looking at #Divorce of my 9 year marriage. Don’t think what he broke in our relationship can be fixed, he was my best friend and I really don’t know what my world or future looks like without him in it. I’ve only told a few friends & still no family. I feel like my marriage was the only good thing in my life & now that’s not right & I’m lost. I’m #Disabled dealing with #ChronicPain & the one thing I could depend on is gone. I just keep going over the same things in my head I really don’t know what I’m going to do. For now I’m here. Trying to #TakeItOneDayAtATime I’m trying to breath. Been listening to my sleep/meditation music & sitting here thinking. Can’t game, can’t really do much but lay here. #Flaredup the weather is killing me my #Fibro is raging & my life is a mess. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I have my cats though. Crazy cat lady & her trusty kitty side kicks.

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#LivingWithChronicPain #TakeItOneDayAtATime #2019

I have been #exhausted & going through waves of #Depression & #Anxiety but I just keep telling myself to push through, wait for it to pass even though it can sometimes seems like an eternity. I hope this is finding everyone well, posting on here when I can has been really cathartic for me. Seeing others posts going through the same things as me, #ChronicIllness #BipolarDisorder #PTSD #Fibromyaliga #SuicidalIdeation #Fibro #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #CFS , helps me know I’m not alone. It also helps comments on my posts to know that I maybe helped at least one person myself. I hope I have. So as this new year starts I want to try to remain hopeful, & as always try to take it one day at a time. I’m continuing my story #semicolonproject ; #semicolon I deserve love, I deserve peace, I deserve happiness. ♥️



#suicides #semicolon I was at an event Tuesday night and saw someone with a semicolon tattoo on her wrist. I immediately felt the connection and applauded her for her bravery. I've been debating getting one myself. It was nice to see someone who has felt what I felt. I could actually be honest with her for a change.

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