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    Celebrating Little Victories

    Tonight I began to accomplish a task that I never thought was possible. Having the reassurance and comfort of a loved one certainly helps. Whether you are accomplishing a small task or a large one, celebrate the little victories. Be proud of yourself. Be proud of the steps you took. Especially as an abuse survivor, I feel especially proud. After being hurt and put down for so long, I can now be proud of myself. Even if it's something small. So pat yourself on the back and keep going! Celebrate!

    #PTSD #Abuse #AbuseSurvivors #celebrate #Positivity #Success #Love


    Mentality- That's What It's About

    Last night, I was taught a harsh truth. One that I was't prepared to hear but a truth nonetheless. I know I wrote about the sadness of coming from a broken family, but after much thought that truth struck a chord with me. Why cry over someone that wouldn't cry over you? What is there to miss about an abusive situation? I really had to think about these questions. My conclusion is that there is nothing to miss. Though I do miss a particular sibling I know that I will see him again some day. It's just a matter of time. Which brings me to my next point, mentality. I learned to turn my sadness into motivation to make myself better. Instead of wallowing in sadness I have decided to better myself. So you see? You can wallow in negativity or turn it into motivation for something else. It really is about how you look at life. I am so thankful for learning this truth. I am not sad anymore as I have turned it into motivation and determination. So if you are struggling, think about the lesson the emotion is teaching you. Then convert that emotion into something else. It is possible. I am so thankful for my family and all their love for me. I really am. So this thanksgiving, let's be thankful for the positives in our lives and spread this positivity. Wishing you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Blessings my friends:)

    #thankful #Motivation #Hope #Love #BipolarDisorder #PTSD #Abuse #abusesurvivor #Family #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Holidays


    Climbing Out Of Depression-Getting Better

    Thank you all for your words of encouragement. I really appreciate them, they lifted my spirits. I am feeling much better. Like the depression is lifting. I just hope I don't go into a manic episode. I am thankful for having a wonderful support system like this and my family. Combined with your encouragement and lifestyle changes I overcame the darkest part of the depression. Thank you all again. Healing is possible and the PTSD didn't get triggered today:) I'm sharing this to let you know that you can come out of your darkest times. Keep shining:) Also much love to my fiancé.

    #BipolarDisorder #happy #thankful #Blessed #PTSD #Abuse #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Love #Inspiration


    Breathing slowly

    Can not breathe but no one is chocking me

    Can not sleep, but no one is making a noise

    Do not want to accept, even if it is the truth

    Do not want to be reminded , even if I forgot

    Has never been easy, I wish those memories were long gone

    But I need to be kind to myself and move on

    #Bipolar1Disorder #Love #Shame #Mania #Anxiety #Sadness #Guilty #black #MightyPoets


    Believe in miracles

    The fact is you have to accept that miracles happen.

    #Faith #Hope #Love #RiseAbove

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    Do 1 Thing Nice For Someone Today #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #ADHD #MondayChallenge

    Hey everyone, here’s my #MondayChallenge for you all. As you know, Monday is the day I challenge all of you to do 1 thing nice for someone.

    Whether you call an old friend to ask them about their day, help someone put their groceries in their car at the store, pickup the tab for the car behind you at lunch, check-in with someone not doing so great, anything.

    Go out and just do something nice for someone today and make somebody smile. Because you’re not only making someone else smile and feel good, but you’re also making yourself feel good too!

    I’m doing something nice for a group of people, read in the comments to find out! Quote below 😊

    “You do not find the happy life, you make it.”
    -Camilla Eyring Kimball



    "Love is just a word," "- until somebody comes along and gives it meaning."
    #Love #MentalHealth


    #MightyTogether #Inspiration #Selflove #Love #Theworldneedmorelove

    You sometimes had the feeling of giving out the best in you to the world with and incredible invention! Like on a treadmill or more.
    Marketer's and business owners, they surely know the feeling, every day they connect the disjointed, looking for a way to sell the traders target, who will fulfill his coveted dream.
    They turn reality into fairytale, marketing mystery, whether mysterious Alchemy is or not?
    If you create it with love and imagination so it certainly is.
    Also adds precious emotions in proportion such as salt or pepper, however a dose of self reflection must not be lacking.
    Believability, a goal that everyday is fourth for and even sometimes we don't place much interest in it because there is another day to make it better!
    I am guided by common sense, by rhetoric, for me, in simplicity beauty🦋 i occasionally add a little of provocation, creative decoration, story gradation and i will never forget the thought,💭
    Not everything always works out at the request of the addressee, he will address himself! smile.
    As long as i try to please everyone close to me,
    We tend to pick out wrong phrases quickly and overtime we forget about it!
    Originally the flaws and hurt are there but it cool to take it in with Love!
    Despite the pressure, i love my life and job because i find happiness seeing people happy!