I feel low and down and not myself and I need to get some things off my chest, so here goes.

First off work is erm not great. I don't want to say much here as its a new situation and I'm hopeful things will improve in time. Its affecting me physically though. So many video meetings mean not enough movement and that has caused so much pain. My shoulders became rocks last week and yesterday my physio loosened them up thank goodness.

My lower back is also playing up. I wouldn't call this a flare but I'm certainly on the worse end of my normal.

Sleep is eluding me. I fall asleep OK but then overheat after a few hours and either toss and turn the rest of the night or, as is the case tonight, get up and come downstairs where its cooler. In the mornings I'm energetic and feel normal (well my normal at least 🤪) and function OK. After lunch I crash. Its all I can do to stay awake and sometimes I don't. Then as soon as work finishes I'm asleep for a few hours and a zombie. I haven't had the energy to cook in several days, and ordering dinner in isn't an option. I've missed running the dishwasher for 2 days now which is not good. I feel awful because usually I cook and do the dishwasher and my bf washes everything else up. I don't feel like I'm doing my part and it's not fair. This level of exhaustion is not normal for me. I feel like my body clock is out of whack and I can't seem to fix it.

I guess I feel lost at the moment and I don't know what to do to make things better. I just want to feel better 😔

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