I’m so tired. I’m not good with pain anyways!! My sister got a tattoo on her rib cage and said it was nbd. I’ve had several and I keep forgetting how painful they are. Back of a hip, shoulder cap, between the breasts (hurt ssooooo much) and trapeziums? #Tattoos

Now I hurt regularly other places because of the tight effin connective tissue and how I’ve been compensating for my #RangeOfMotion #RunnersKnee #ITBand I don’t run 😭😣 hurts to do anything, hurts to do nothing. The cracking and popping of joints grosses people out, but it’s one minor, brief relief for otherwise incessant pain.

Taking so many nsaids. I’ve had a #Kidneystone (Now Eating better usually 👍) this isn’t helping my #Anxiety and #Depression