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    Tattoo Ideas

    I'm thinking of getting a tattoo to represent EDS Awareness as well as chronic illness. My idea is for a zebra spoon. What chronic illness/EDS tattoos have you gotten?
    #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Tattoos #ChronicIlless #RareDisease #ehlersdanlosawareness


    I’m getting tired of fighting against people’s prejudice

    I’m non binary and the way I dress, plus the piercings and tattoos I choose to wear, the ones that help me express who I am, cause me a constant negative judgment from people.
    I’m a teacher and the places where I work won’t allow me any opportunities because of this, regardless of the positive feedback I’ve received for the last four years
    At the beginning I stood up and spoke about it to my boss, but now I feel like I’m doomed to deal with it and just accept that, as long as I look like this, I’ll have to accept that treatment.
    #Anxiety #nonbinary #Discrimination #Prejudice #Tattoos #piercings

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    A cover up tattoo that has been funded by our amazing supporters!

    Part of the wonderful work SCUFF does is helping those who have recovered from #Selfharming to fund a tattoo to cover up their scars. A tattoo which they may not otherwise have been able to get.

    A wonderful way to celebrate their achievements!

    Here is a cover up tattoo that has been funded by our amazing supporters! This tattoo was done by Eloise at Gilded Dagger Tattoo / @gildeddaggertattoo . Here's what our applicant had to say about the experience:

    "Getting this scar cover up has given me so much more confidence with wearing short sleeves in public, I used to hide away in jumpers and jackets even when it was boiling hot which isn't nice. SCUFF have given me freedom and courage and I will forever be grateful. When I first looked at my tattoo I got quite emotional because it felt like all the years of hiding away and being ashamed of my scars had gone and I could try and put the past behind me, not to mention how beautiful the tattoo is - the tattooist is so talented! Thank you so much SCUFF for this funding, you really do make a change in people's lives."

    If you are interested in learning more about the work we do at SCUFF, what we do to support mental health check, and funding for tattoo cover up’s visit our website

    Or if you’d like to help change somebody else's life then you can donate to our current fundraiser

    #Tattoos #Coverup #Selfharm #ScarCoverUp #selfharmscars #MentalHealth #donate #Support #Charity #SCUFF #scarcoverupfreedfund #changinglives

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    Do you have mental health tattoos? (Or any tattoos)

    I have others, along with non-mental health tattoos, but I like this picture a lot. I got this when I first started having paranoid delusions while I was really depressed. But when people ask about it, I just tell them it's a brainstorm haha

    The same day, I got the four elements from Avatar the Last Airbender. Relating different parts of myself to each element was a big part of my therapy at the time. It's simple and hundreds of people have the same one, but I don't mind at all!

    My first tattoo was a human heart on my ribs with "vivo, vinco" (they have the lines too, but I can't type them) which is Latin for "I live, I conquer."

    I want another one from a poem that says 웃음은 슬플 때를 위해 있는 것이다, which means "smiling is for when you are sad" (I live in Korea)

    Tattoos are my favorite thing ever and I would love to hear about your tattoos whether they're about mental health or not~

    #MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #Depression #Anxiety #ADHD #DistractMe #Tattoos

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    To get a tattoo or not

    I have contemplated getting a tattoo for a year or so now. But I wanted to wait till o was self harm free. Sadly I broke that early this year once, so plan was to wait again. But even so I feel more drawn to doing it now. I think while I did self harm this most mental stability I have had. I regret self harming, happier than ever, and have not thought of committing suicide in almost a year. Over last bit I have thought about what I would want as permanent to describe my story. And I came up with a version of the semicolon and butterfly with tie into some of my favorite things flowers and pokemon.

    I am nervous about getting something so permanent, but everytime I think about it I smile. I think of the reminder to myself of how strong I am. I think of the story it can tell to someone and the story I can tell them of continuing to fight.

    #Anxiety #Tattoos #SemicolonTattoo #ProjectSemicolon #Selfharm

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    Do You Have Any Tattoos??? Do You Regret any Of Them???

    I have 3 Tattoos I have no regrets!!! #Tattoos #PTSD #ChronicPain

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    Tattoo No. 1- taking back control through body art

    (TW: suicidal thoughts/ self harm)
    Edit to add: I somehow accidentally deleted my original post- I have no idea how- this includes the comments people made. My bad.

    Does anyone else use tattoos and body art to help remind them their story isn’t over?

    This is my latest tattoo. I have 12, 5 of which I call suicide tattoos or therapy tattoos. A semicolon to show my story isn’t over, a black heart to remind me that there is a whole community behind me, and colors to remind me that shadows can turn into light.

    I haven’t always had great coping strategies. When it was bad I turned to various forms of self harm (cutting, starving myself, binging, taking inappropriate risks) that were providing a temporary fix to a permanent condition. In the last 8 years I’ve found that tattoos give me same sense of control, but by adding something beautiful, and they provide a reminder that it’s okay, even when I’m not. Every tattoo is a reminder that whatever was bad in the moment could be overcome.

    I’m also extremely lucky to have an amazing tattoo artist who takes my ideas and thoughts and turns them into art.

    #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth #Tattoos #Selfimage #bodyart

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    Tattoos after Fibromyalgia diagnosis?

    Has anyone get a tattoo done after already being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? How was the healing? Have you been having recurring pain since? My little sister died 4/5 months ago and I want to get a tattoo that symbolises our bond but also our differences. She was a cat person and I'm a dog person. What do you guys think? #Fibromyaliga #ChronicPain #Tattoo #Tattoos