✨Self-Care Sunday✨
I’m away on vacation right now and it’s a very different kind of vacation than we usually go on. We typically go on very fast paced trips where we backpack, wake up at the crack of dawn and go, go, go til we go to bed. This is not that type of trip. We are at an all exclusive resort where the only thing to do is relax and it feels weird! I lounged at the pool yesterday and actually fell asleep! Then we ate then we relaxed some more.
I find myself trying to find things to do, to accomplish, to get done.
Why does it feel so strange to just relax?
It seems this is the exact kind of trip I needed because I’m actually realizing how difficult it is for me to rest and give myself time to recharge.
Do you struggle with this or do you give yourself full permission to relax and rest? #recharge #Selfcare #Selfcare #selfcaresunday #restrelaxrecharge #wellness