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Silliness! #ScienceFiction #laughteristhebestmedicine

I'm a 60 year old Sci-Fi fanatic with a twisted sense of humor. I believe that we get through our struggles much better with laughter than with tears.

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Neurodivergent lead characters in sci-fi

Any suggestions of sci-fi novels or visual media where a lead character is neurodivergent? "An Unkindness of Ghosts" and "On the Edge of Gone" are two that are on my list to read. What have you enjoyed, or what's been recommended to you? #Autism #ScienceFiction

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What sci-fi gadget do you wish actually existed? #DistractMe #MightyMinute

What sci-fi gadget do you wish actually existed? How would it improve your life? Do you think it will ever actually be invented?

I’m a big sci-fi nerd, and while Star Wars is my number one love, the inventions I’d love to see are both on Star Trek.

The replicator would be amazing, just tell the computer what you want and voilá “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”. Of course it would improve anyone’s life being able to have whatever you want at your fingertips. I don’t think think as it appears in the show it will ever be invented, but we have lots of tech that is getting close such as 3D printers and voice automated appliances.

Secondly the teleporter would be truly amazing! Can you imagine being able to go anywhere instantly? While it seems extremely far fetched I think science will eventually come close to this, but not for a very long time!

#MentalHealth #ScienceFiction #ChronicIllness