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It’s been a while. #CheckInWithMe #Scoliosispain

I had an accident a while back. The extra trauma made my memory more foggy than usual. My back spasms are switching from my right side to my left side near the hip. I am doing physical therapy twice a week to strengthen my body. This is the first time I am speaking about it. Emotionally I feel guilty about the whole thing and my therapist is helping me with all the emotions that I am feeling. That is all I can think of. Thank you for listening.


Ok I'm having a bad day

My pain has been well managed for months now on Lyrica and celexa. I've been exercising and eating well, trying not to oversleep so much, and stretching constantly. But chronic pain is chronic pain, and it found me anyway. Today I woke up with terrible back pain that makes me catch my breath when it shoots up and down. 😔

I'm an essential worker, a Veterinary Nurse at an emergency hospital. I hate to call out when we're already missing half our staff, but I don't know if this is going to be an all day thing with my back 😫

#Fibromyaliga #ChronicPain #BackPain #Scoliosispain #callmychiropractor #essentialworker #COVID19


Nerve Pain #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Scoliosispain #Herniatedisc

Ran a little this weekend and did a little yoga....didn’t know that was going to push me over the edge.
I’ve been experiencing these waves of sharp, searing pain down the back of lower thigh and behind the knee all morning. These waves are fall on your face, bawl your eyes out kind of pain. Ended up in the ER and they did NOTHING. Said to keep taking Aleve but that’s all they can do.

Thank God I have an appointment with my spine surgeon next week. I feel like no one gets the pain. Nobody cares to help. So frustrated. After 7 months of pain, back surgery, a LONG recovery, I would have thought my days would be better, but am still living with the pain. Anyone else run experience these kinds of days?

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