This #quote has been said by people for many, many years in different ways (but still means the same) that it is natural to say,

“If you can forgive, you can heal.”

But… I’ve learned recently that you don’t have to. And I’ll say it again if you didn’t hear it.


Why forgive someone that most likely could be doing the same to someone else? They won’t stop. You forgiving them won’t change the fact that whatever it was that was done, that person had the time to:

• Think about the action
• Then actually implement it
• Doesn’t think of the consequences
• And maybe even repeat the action again and again

Whether it happened from a coworker or a boss, mother, father, family members, friends, spouses or partner, teacher… ANYBODY.

Better yet… just leave that situation and put your needs first… and forgive yourself instead.

• Forgive that you didn’t know it would happen
• Forgive that you don’t control the actions of others, only your own
• If you’re scared to get away, get help (many know the difficulties of leaving a situation if it makes it scary to just walk away)
• It’s okay to prioritize your life, your wellbeing, YOUR HEALTH
•Maybe even do a deep reflection of what happened, but close that chapter and move on

No one is born with the ill intention to hurt another person. Situations in life, surroundings… different aspects as one grows and starts developing their own consciousness. You’re not to blame for anything someone else does.