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Annoyed!!! #rude #thoughtless #selfishpeople #whytho

In addition to my usual crap, I have CV19. I’m so so sick. And I have a friend who 70% of the time is a decent friend. I have a firm policy that if a friend needs support (as in a real problem) it is fine to call 24/7. My friend texted at 2 am to tell me that someone at her school was leaving. That’s not a crisis, that’s gossip. She then followed it up with three back to back phone calls. I did not answer. I was ASLEEP. And now I’m so irritated I can’t go back to sleep. I’m sick and desperately need my rest. In addition to CV19, I’m in a full fibro flare. She knows full well about fibro/CV. She knows I only get out of bed to use the bathroom and scavenge for food. And on Sunday she blew up my phone because she thought she might have CV. I told her to get tested and she did. AND THEN WENT OUT AND ABOUT TO RUN ERRANDS. It makes me want to scream. Ugggggh. I really needed to just vent about this. So ruuuuuuuuuuude.


anyone else feeling it hard seeing shops empty

I haven't bulk bought or stockpiled anything and I have a husband and 9yr child. But we have went into local Tesco and asda and aldi and its so sad and upsetting to see there is no meat, cleaning products, juice, rice etc. We didn't need any of these things before as we had food, but now we can't get chicken for our tea to feed ourselves. We can't get sauce to add to food for a meal. All because masses of people have went crazy and selfish and bought it all. I might have to go to my local butcher to get meat, while I don't mind this occasionally, I dont do it because I can't afford the prices, but now I'm being forced to do this as there is no food left. It's really shooting my anxiety out of control, making decisions with my other half stressful, tension is mounting and it's only the beginning 😞 #COVID -19 #CoronaVirus #panicbuying #Anxiety #selfishpeople #makingmeangryandsad