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Having a very hard time today....

I am having a very hard time today..... didn’t sleep very well last night thinking of my daughter and pondering why her anxiety and depression has basically taken over her life.

My heart breaks for her and everyone that deals with anxiety and depression. I just laid there last night in bed questioning everything and looking back asking myself if there was something that I could have done differently.

I sit here and wonder if she will ever be able to feel a genuine kind of happy, will she ever find the love that I found with her father, will she ever feel comfortable enough with her friends to ever show them her true self instead of being a person that she thinks they want to see and most of all will she ever feel peace with herself???

So many questions and concerns. I wish I could take this away for her...



I am grateful for my mini-me, Cupcake, Auntie's girl. When I feel like giving up, I think of how it would effect her. She is the reason I continue to fight to live.💞 #niece #auntie #sheismyheart #suicidalthoughtswarrior

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