My thoughts are that this sucks. Health is getting in the way. My heart is ok according to the cardiologist. But there's something definitely wrong and his opinion is that it's my #Scleroderma . Tried to make dinner and lil to med spasms started. My husband had to totally take over. I feel bad because he was relaxing from taking care of the kids after getting home from work and all I did was sleep with a beagle on my lap. He actually senses when I am not doing good. Especially these spasms. But has no official service dog training. Sometimes these spasms remind me of contractions as they build...peak...and then come down. Pain levels vary. But usually at a 8-10 during the peak. I can feel it build...peak...and let go. Sets in my ankles for a minute sometimes. But is always painful. I eat bananas and drink the electrolyte propel. So it's not that. Nothing is broken. Last time I went to the ER cause of it they didn't help. They gave me Norco but I was still in pain and having the spasms. Plus with all the meds I'm on that are supposed to help with spasms....aren't. Kinda depressing #Depression 😕 hating life right now. But what can I do but continue the best I can. I have people and animals to live for.