I have an adult daughter who seems to enjoy ripping me to shreds every chance she gets.. oh did I mention she’s also an addict? Her drug of choice is Heroine or as the Millennial call it “H”. I have lost a child, he was her older brother. For the last 6 years or so I have watched my kid attempt to kill herself for all the world to view. She delights in telling me exactly how she will do it to telling me I’m a terrible person who doesn’t deserve to be called mom.. if you knew our life you would see the truth. Suffice to say my daughter seems to go back and forth between blaming me for everything and threatening to kill herself. She has #PTSD #DissociativeIdentityDisorder #Parentsofaddicts #unconditionallove #Notadoormat #StevensJohnsonSyndrome #SJSTENS I can’t continue to take her nastiness and I don’t want to feel guilty for trying to protect myself either. I could write a book, but my daughter is the child of #Divorce . I know she has to be ready for help.How do I stop the guilt? Sincerely,
Truly Lost