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Do all abusive parents/narcissistic parents not love their kids?

This is something I have been wondering with my family. My parents have abused me horribly, and yet I still find myself wondering if they love/loved me

I can recount positive memories and times where they showed it or tried to. They perhaps did love me in their own way, but not in a healthy enough way for my well being

I sometimes feel irked by the mentality that all abusive parents are incapable of love

#Abusive #abusiveparent #Love #unconditionallove

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Happy dog pic to make you smile! 😃 #Dogs #photographyastherapy #pettherapy #unconditionallove #bestfriend

Love this photo of my dog 🐕
She's the source of unconditional love and my companion through life's ups and downs ❤

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Awe... this is my Loki when he was a younger pup!
If only he knew how much he has changed my life and help comfort my heart through the loss of my Tucker boy!
I love him to the moon and back!
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #KeepMoving #unconditionallove #MightyPets

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My emotional support dog #EmotionalSupportAnimal #pittiemom #Depression

Anytime I'm having a bad day or just having a breakdown moment or in pain I can depend on my Indie to give me unconditional love. She gives me hugs and kisses, let's me cry it out, and lays beside me until she feels my mood change, even then she stays close by just in case. She is my joy, my light, and my total support. Without her I'd be lost completely in the blackness of my pain and depression. #unconditionallove #ChronicPain #Fibromyaliga #CPTSD

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Why pets are essential to our mental health #BPD #Anxiety #Depression #furbabies

This is my baby boy Moe Moe. He’s 15 years old and has bad hips. He loves his walks with Daddy. He’s there with me through thick & thin. Loves me unconditionally. He never tells you he no longer loves you. Never lies, never tells you’re unworthy and he’s a great companion.

Having a pet increases your life expectancy, puts you in a good mood and all they ask of you is to love them back. Of course the occasional butt & belly rubs lol

How about you? I’m sure you have fur babies. Tell me about them! Feel free to add more reasons why it’s essential to have a pet. #iloveanimals #unconditionallove

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#CheckingIn #TherapyDog

This is my friend Boris. He always knows when I'm struggling and looks out for me. If I'm crying he's there next to me straight away for hugs and kisses.
I wasn't crying in this pic just sad, but he still came to see if he could reach me #Support #unconditionallove

Are there any furry companions that help you get through difficult moments?


Thanklessness begins with the benefit after death.”

Hello, Powerful Souls!

I tried to sleep but couldn't because I felt like sharing something majorly important.

Last year, March 9th, my beloved grandmother passed away. I did share that story last March with all of you.

Last Friday, I had mail from a debt collector. Last year all the aunts and uncles I am not in contact with declined the inheritance, but I didn't.

See, everyone only seems to care about what they can receive instead of giving. There was nothing to inherit "THEY SAID" but for me, there was more than inheritance.

Thanklessness begins with the benefit after death.”

What I mean by that...

... my grandmother's soul was restless for many years. Her heart full of worries because the entire family is separated until this day. She always wanted everyone to get along with each other.

See, all she ever wanted was a happy family with no drama where everyone would take care of each other.

Well, their concerns have been about what they can get and not what they can do. They never cared about respect, values, or emotions in general. Materialistic things ruled their perceiving.

This is why everyone declined inheritance.

If you ask yourself why I did not decline it's only fair to answer.

I don't see the debts of my grandmother as misfortune. I see it as an opportunity to make sure that her soul can finally rest peacefully.

She deserves it because she has been through a lot of pain. (Emotionally, Physically, Mentally)

She never had much but always managed to feed everyone with the little she had. She always gave more than she received in return and now it's my honor to make sure that she receives the best place in heaven.

I see it as my duty to make sure that she can finally find her peace without having to worry about debts because she does not owe anyone anything.

She was a hard worker. Very stubborn in her own ways but she was open-minded while in our family was a lot of racism. It was a sin having mixed children within a German family.

To this day, they only label me as folk but not family, but that's another story for another time.

Therefore, there was never a chance of keeping it together.

My grandparents did all they could. This is my payment back to them for all they have done for me.

This is not about others or what I can get. It's about what I can give in return for all they have done in the past.

I pray that they hear my words that they did not fail completely, because I will always treasure the lessons they passed down to me deep within my soul.

With Love 💜

#Love #unconditionallove #youareloved