Does anyone else experience physical symptoms with their depression and anxiety?

My unique physical symptom is a #Tremor in my right hand. When my depression worsens my right hand moves rhythmically. Even when I stop the hand from moving either holding it or focusing on it the muscles in my arm twitch. And I often wake with an ache in my arm because my tremor continues during sleep.

Other symptoms:

Disturbed #sleeep cycles - waking multiple times a night. Not being able to sleep. Sleeping all day.

#tenion in my body - that is my muscles feel tight in my neck, back and shoulders.

I suspect that my digestive problems are also related to my #Depression and #Anxiety .

FYI, I have had multiple MRI and CT scans looking at my brain to determine if there is a physical cause to my right hand tremor and I have an unremarkable brain according to the scans. In other words my brain is normal. Also all of my labs are normal including vitamins and minerals that can be tested when requested. Thyroid is also normal.

Major depressive disorder can manifest itself with multiple symptoms and in my case, I ignored the symptoms for so long that my brain and body decided to tell me something was wrong through the tremor.

I remember the day and hour when my hand first started twitching. It was the day after I learned one of my best friends suddenly died of blood cancer. His diagnosis was three weeks earlier and he was being prepped for treatment in the hospital when he died. I was heading out of town on a business trip. By the time I returned home from the business trip three days later the tremor was full blown.

Other than my therapist and doctor I have not spoken about when my tremor started. By talking about this I hope to bring awareness that depression and anxiety can impact other parts of our body that may not seem related but your body might be signaling your brain needs help it isn't getting.

What physical symptoms do you associate with depression?