I suffer from a lot of negative thoughts about myself! Dealt with depression as a teenager but nowadays it feels a lot more harder and stressful caring for 2 babies as well as myself and having a partner who has no understanding of what goes on in my head he makes me feel like I’m making it all up or he says it’s just myself making me think like that??????? (Keep in mind I am from Nz and a Maori and mental ilness isn’t exactly something that is acknowledged) Lately I’ve been feeling like a failure, very unloving of myself and second guessing whether I’m suffering from depression.

This is my first everrrr post and I am very hesitant to post it. I don’t want to be too detailed because I am feeling very anxious as I type this but I want to learn to be able to speak about my anxiety and depression without tearing up or laughing it off. I am very all over the place right now but if someone understand where I’m coming from I would honestly love a chat.

I’m a mum who stays home 24/7, no friends, no family contact barely, who is eager to be comfortable being herself again but doesn’t know where to start?