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Am I the only one experiencing a tiny blisters in my fingers when I get stress or feeling down. everytime I got stress or feeling down or sad I get this kind of blister in my fingers and toes. its a tiny blister and its itchy and when its not itchy it become hard and kinda flaky. is it normal?

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thirst and sore throat

Does any of you who suffers from anxiety or is highly stressed struggle with periodic chronic thirst (in my case it is particularly high at night and makes me have a lot of nightmares; or is also related to salty foods that I should avoid at dinner, but it's not always the case) and then an annoying sore throat that in my case comes occasionaly but last the whole day and whatever I do it doesn't go away?

Of course, I would like to discover if anyone else struggles with something just similar, not the same as me.

Anyone has struggles related to anxiety, stress and thirst?

Thank you 😊

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Valentine advertisements are the worst /vneg | TW exclusionism/amatonormativity, some all caps, almost breaking something

I freaking HATE them, especially if you’re in a non-monogamous non-romantic relationship (but NOT FRIENDS). They are meant to be love-exclusive, heteronormative, and monogamy-exclusive as much as they possibly can and it makes me sick and drives me crazy to the point where I almost broke my computer screen this morning because of seeing another stupid advertisement (no worries, it’s fine)! I hate the alternative title “Single awareness day” because it further proves the belief that Valentines is “oh so romantic” and plus while many single individuals don’t really care, some are making themselves and others feel bad because of the standard belief of “being in a relationship” when they are valid with OR without a partner(s).

Valentine’s Day does NOT have to be a romantic holiday. Plus, not every experiences love, whether that be romantic, platonic, familial, or whatever. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be for everyone because it isn’t even FOR everyone, so society needs to STOP PUSHING IT DOWN OUR THROATS AND LEAVE US THE FRICK ALONE!

#Anxiety #anger #ValentinesDay #MyAutismIsNotADisorder #SocialAnxiety #valentine #Love #DearSociety #Stress #Polyamory #Vent #StopThis #Exclusionism #amatonormativity #LGBTQ

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Monday Meltdown

#Depression #Anxiety #Aging #Stress #Job

I'm funked up. Too long to explain. Need to go back to work; cry break is over.

How yall doing?

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Took a mental health day today from work. #Work #HealthCare #panic #Stress #LungCancer

Had medical and financial stuff to do and needed more than a two day weekend to do it. And needed a weekday to make phone calls during busines hours.
So still worried about things medical,health, financial and future planning.
But i got some sleep. Yay me.

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Stressful, depressing time.

It's been a particularly stressful week for me for a multitude of reasons. One, morale at work has gotten low. Because I work as an Activities Coordinator for a private care home, normally it is very rewarding but lately, I've been feeling as if it's not enough.
Also, my boss, one of the nicest people I've worked with, was driven to tears by the difficult family of one of the residents who thinks we are not doing enough and that creates an impact on everyone else. Because of my autism, trying to process everything can sometimes, like now, make me sick from being overstressed. It's also affecting my work performance as well as I struggle to fulfil some tasks for events I need to plan. Also, my home life is difficult which only adds to things. It's just this week has been low and I feel so numb about it. Luckily, I'm meeting a lot of friends at the weekend for a get-together so that will take my mind off things and hopefully next week will be better.

I just needed to get some things off my chest that others on here would understand. It's great to be a part of this community and any support would help. Please and Thanks. 👍👍👍

#AutismSpectrumDisorder #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Despression #Stress #Work

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× " Hello There! Mighty Fam!"× #CheckingIn #P .T.S.D#Depression #SocialAnxiety

° " Well I Have Been Working Alot More... And Mentoring New Employee's... But Nobody Can Never Do What I Do.. These People Last A Few Week's And Then Start Missing Work. I Got Called Into Work. On My Day Off. I Didn't Answer My Phone. It's My Day Off.... And A Shift Leader Got Fired Yesterday.. Mistreat Customer's And Spread Untrue Rumor's About People At Work. But Hopefully Now I Can Work In Peace... Why Can't People Just Simply Be Kind... To One Another... " ° #Stress Sincerely, • S.K.•

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Burnt out…😞

Been feeling so burnt out lately. I feel like everyone around me constantly “takes” from me and no one ever seems to notice that I, myself, am struggling. I always give so much of my time to others—from my clients, to all the volunteers I oversee (about 60), friends, etc. I feel like I am feeling so “sucked dry” (for lack of a better word), yet none of those people seem to really notice that I am hanging on by a thread. I love helping others (not just because it is my profession/social worker, but because I generally care about people and making others happy). I hate to sound selfish, but when will it ever be my turn? When will someone just “step back” for a moment and go to me, “how are YOU” and not just say it or ask it as a generic statement. I’ve been feeling so spent, so drained, so fried and I feel no one really noticed how bad it is. And I say subtle things to those close to me and they don’t even think to stop for a minute to even chat with me about it. I give so much of myself—yet no one seems to do the same in return..I even have to “beg” in hopes to even get some sort of attention from my boss/pastor. Someone told me once I should plant myself outside his office but what this person doesn’t realize (or maybe they do) is I dont even have the time to do that. No sooner I get into work I am “on the go” for almost 10 straight hours..maybe i would get a few minutes to have a cup of tea which is most times interrupted..I’m tired…I’m fed up. I love my work but I can honestly say I feel fizzled out. I’m overworked, severely underpaid, I give 110% every day…but Not a care in the world, I feel, from others toward me. I get support “from afar” as I call it. Occasional text from my boss saying I am doing an exceptional job, etc. I know I hold my own very well, but sometimes just a simple “how are you” or checking in by those close to me, even my boss, would be appreciated (face to face—not a text). I shouldn’t have to “beg” for a few minutes of time..when will someone notice that I am struggling so much and just listen like I do constantly day in and day out for others? I am around so many that I listen to, help, etc. but I never seem to get the same in return (obviously not speaking about my clients, but I mean my close friends, my boss, etc). Sigh.. right now, I am so overly tired and worn out that I feel like sleeping but my mind is racing and my body just can’t seem to just rest. 😞 #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe #Stress #MentalHealth #Depression

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Recognizing Stress Symptoms

I have severe depression and C-PTSD, and I have been going through extreme levels of stress, and I am only recognizing it now. Being a full-time caregiver for my mom’s cancer treatment was rough, and I made it through without the stress I feel today. Being a caregiver to someone post-chemo and in remission should be less stressful, but it isn’t. Post chemo, my mom is realizing that she is missing her memories of the ordeal.

The first month after chemo, she slept and didn’t want to eat anything or get out of bed. I brought her meals, but she kept forgetting to eat or didn’t want food. I had to monitor her blood sugar to keep it from dropping too low. There were many times I had to stand there and tell her to eat repeatedly. Chemo pain is strange because it lasts beyond treatment. Her pain was managed with Lyrica and a narcotic for breakthrough pain. During chemo, I kept track of her narcotic consumption but only limited her to the maximum dosage per day. Post-chemo, the doctor wanted to reduce the narcotics slowly, so I had to begin the process of restricting those pills. Towards the end of the first month, she began to ask me to bring her specific meals again. Her memory was foggy, and she stumbled, grasping for words. Her cognitive abilities were impaired due to chemotherapy, but I could see improvement from the last treatment. A big scare came one night when she fell out of bed while dreaming despite a bedrail to prevent falls. She must have hit her knee on something that left a bruise on the way down. An X-ray found nothing broken or dislocated, but it made walking painful, so I had to increase her narcotics until the pain passed. My focus on getting her out of bed each day had to wait a bit longer.

In month two, her struggle with words and names became less frequent, and her cognitive ability improved significantly. As her cognitive ability improved, she noticed her memory had gaps, which is normal and can be scary. Her knee recovered, but sleep came with a new symptom of restless legs due to the chemo-induced neuropathy, so she was often unable to sleep without narcotics, which I dispensed sparingly, reminding her the doctor wasn’t going to continue the prescription indefinitely. Broken sleep limited her energy levels and willingness to get up and move around. In talking with her doctors, the key to getting stronger is getting her moving and out of bed. Towards the end of the second month, I stopped checking in with her early in the morning for breakfast and waited until mid-morning to encourage her to get out of bed for breakfast. Towards the end of the month, she was getting up at least two days a week.

The third month was scary and stressful; my mom developed a severe cough, which became pneumonia. After two weeks of antibiotics, her chest had cleared. Surprisingly, the pneumonia and cough had her sleep into the afternoon before getting up, but she wasn’t stuck in bed. I developed flu-like symptoms after a series of vaccines that lasted for a week, and it was a struggle to keep up with mom’s needs, but I forced myself to take care of both of us. In the last week of month three, I encountered an allergic reaction that made my vision blurry to the point I was only able to make out vague shapes. My doctor prescribed eye drops that worked almost instantly but only lasted about four hours. The doctor didn’t want me dosing more than two times a day, so I had to plan my days and nights accordingly. Two weeks later, my eyes were normal again. And my annual visit to the eye doctor confirmed it.

Four months post-chemo, and my mom is doing much better. She continues to avoid walking and standing unless necessary. So, I have been encouraging her to do more, using my blindness as an excuse. My mom’s doctors are noticing her cognitive improvements and have encouraged her to exercise and gain strength again so she can take her driver's license exam to resume driving. I have waited months for an audiologist appointment, and it confirmed my hearing loss and need for hearing aids.

Through all of this, my best friend went into the hospital due to appendicitis, and he has waited months to schedule the surgery due to his foot infection. His foot infection didn’t respond to treatment, so he had his toes amputated, and he is living in a nursing home undergoing rehabilitation to learn how to walk with a prosthetic. So, both of us are going through crazy times with minimal support, and we are both struggling.

I have been waiting for a therapist who accepts my insurance and will take new patients for more than two years. I believe a therapist might have been able to help me manage my stress levels. I have been visiting open group therapy sessions, but with C-PTSD and extreme trust issues, my ability to participate is limited.

#PTSD #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Caregiving #Stress

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° " Well I Had A Rough Day At Work... " ° #Stress

• " My Morning Started Off Being Short Handaned It's Alway's Something At This Restaurant... And Then A Customer Managed To Make Me So Angry... I Was Kindly Explaining To Him About.. The Taco Boxe's Thier Are 2 Diffrent One's... The 1st One Is Already Made.. The 2nd Box You Are Allowed To Customize It... But It Will Be $3 Dollar's More... This Guy Was Not Listening To What I Was Saying... And Underminding Me... And Thinking That I'm Dumb That Idk What I'm Selling... Like I Had To Repeat Myself 10 Time's To This Customer. I Had Enough And Flew Into A Rage.. 《 Away From Everyone 》Of Course.. I Went To Tell My Male Boss... To Deal With This Customer.. He Explained The Same Thing To This Customer.. And We Looked At Him... Telling Him That We Were Correct.. And That He Was Worng.. He Then Asked Me To Get Him Another Box. I Explained Again That If He Wanted It Customized It's Going To Cost More.. Nope Didn't Listen.. And Now Was Complaining For A Refund... In The End He Apologized To Me For Being Extremely Difficult... And Making Me Look Like An Idiot... Why Can't People Just LISTEN!!!"• ¤ Skaoi Kvitravn ¤ #Stress

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