#MightyMinute #Some choices are beyond. Making yourself happy, with family and friends it's sometimes true that when we can affect others happiness family and friends, we can find a happy minute, I haven't lost my sense of humour so a few of those helps when my pain pokes its head through meds, so happiness is a personal thing sometimes when you have fibromyalgia it's hard to crack a smile, it's also hard not to be happy but to affect others happiness, so I'm quiet when symptoms are taking turns to inflict whatever on the minute, or hour in any given day, I sometimes think ah ha, I know what will fix that, usually insomnia while slowing down and preparing for sleep, it just won't come, even if you try everything available, so a little happiness comes when you find something that could help, still trying to get more info on barometric pressure, BOM hasn't shown yet but will find whatever is available and takes Mighty Minute or few to share with our Mighties, always thanking the Almighty Father for what we can do and who we are, share love and kindness, not judgement because you never know what someone has or is going through, so a smile is free uses less muscles and even when you think you can't love shows we can. Even for A mighty minute, it may help someone having a bad day, love is all you need. Music has been my mentor and it's a matter of preference doof🎶doof 🎶doof doesn't help me but it's personal as is pain happiness is sometimes simply not having any anywhere.