Now that I am working on apologizing for my mistakes & taking responsibility for them ( realized how to do this one day after reuniting w old college friends. Friends that I lost at the time of my first hospitalization) I find the relationships I like the most- my old college friends and others like them- bring w them a sense of instability. Yet they are all very nice.

My husband who is a kind dear man whom I love very much - his friends who are people we spent all our free time w for the past 30 years - my husband and I parted ways w them abt 5/6 yrs ago. They upset me immeasurably especially this last time - about 5/6 years ago-. We haven’t seen them since.

One example- At my wedding a few of them made fun of me- they made fun of my drinking- they thought I drank too much. W the pressures of working full time - I just may have. - but to make fun of the bride!! right to my face at my wedding! - I could not believe this behavior - I was very very upset - and after that we still
remained friends! But, this latest -5/6!years ago incident - we parted ways.

- will it be necessary for my husband and I to maintain these friendships? W these people who upset me - for stability sake ? These people I have known for 30 years?

They have been friends w my husband since he was 17 years old. My husband turns 70 next month. I just don’t know.