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#MoveForward #Itspossible #Strongerthan #Breakthecycle

For too long, anxiety , depression, and perfectionism has ruled my life. You know that saying , There’s always room to grow. It’s time to shed these nasty roots and replace them with new. I will not allow what was brought up in me, to hold me down from my purpose, Nor will I let it be passed down to further generations in my family. Here’s to a clean slate and the new day that tomorrow will bring . God give me strength.


Work part 2

So as I sit here in my tub filled with hot water and a nice relaxing bath bomb. I must say I had a good day. Didn’t start off great, I was to have work at 8am but I ended up having a really bad attack and threw up all over myself, along with pooping myself also. It was a complete mess. But I got myself together, slept part of the day, took my test that I needed for my part time job, and even was able to go to my class tonight for my part time job and grab a late dinner with a great friend. I might have called out bcuz of my anxiety but I tried so hard not to let my boss get to me but sadly she did. However she might have won this battle but she didn’t win the war! #Anxiety #Strongerthan

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