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    Break the Cycle, Create a New Cycle

    Sometimes breaking the cycle you are in means creating (admitting and changing) and starting (action) a brand new cycle. Then repeating (without judgment or as failure) as necessary each learning experience.

    Think of your cycle like a hamster wheel if that helps. If you don’t like your own personal hamster wheel(cycle) that you are in then create a new more exciting, purposeful one, get help with it if needed, I do, it is more aften than not harder to see outside the hamster wheel by ourselves once it starts moving a little too fast. A good mentor can teach you many things, and steer you away from potential struggles. Then work hard to keep the momentum going after the initial ‘honeymoon phase’. Daily/weekly journals are a great way to recognize what is helping me what is not and what is just taking up valuable space in my hamster wheel. Create a new wheel as needed, no problem. Get rid of the stuff that gets in the way, does not work, or looks good on paper, but doesn’t get done. You know what I am talking about, the stuff that looks good, you ‘should’ do, yet really does just create more anxiety, I am not saying don’t see your doctor or stuff like that, but saying I am going to exercise ‘X’ amount of days and only doing half well first, yay me, and second I’ll cut out the rest or build my ‘items’ up slower, no problem, I learned and progress is progress.

    Four important aspects to consider when creating an intentional, purpose filled physically and emotionally healthy cycle or ‘hamster wheel’ for yourself.

    Food – what is nutritionally balanced for your daily needs, adjust as necessary.

    Exercise – what is required according to your needs, adjust as necessary.(Consider work, play activities etc.)

    Sleep – Very important to get what is healthy for your lifestyle, again, adjust as necessary.

    ‘Your time’ – time for you for whatever that may be, reading, art, sports, volunteering, writing etc. Just time for you to get right with you.

    I believe if you keep these balanced along with a healthy spiritual life you can find the growth, acceptance and change necessary to recognize joy and happiness.

    By: Doug Ferguson Copyright: Beard for Mental Health

    #MentalHealth #Depression #Breakthecycle #Breakthestigmas #mentalhealthmatters #newcycle #Anxiety #findjoy

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    How does one let go of the mistakes of the past? Who would I be if not for the choices I’ve made and the illnesses I inherited and had brought out through trauma? Do you ever wonder that?
    #Depression #Trauma #Anxiety #familyhistory #BipolarDisorder #Breakthecycle #SuicideSurvivor

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    Nuerodivergent and Borderline Positive! What self qualities are you proud of?

    #BpdPositive and #proud !#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder is often be seen negatively as one of the most painfully difficult disorders to overcome, but I want to #Breakthecycle and end the #NegativeThinking #Stigma and #BorderlineStigma !

    I love my ability to genuinely and sincerely empathize with others. I appreciate my artistic skills, creativity, insight, passion, and profound positivity! I am loyal and love fiercely. With radical honesty, I am an open book and deeply caring friend to others.

    What are some positive traits about yourself in light of your #Neurodiversity ?

    #Proudofmyself #proud #Positivity #positive #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDDiagnosis #Anxiety #AnxietyTips #ITSOKAYTOTALK #itsokaytonotbeokay #therapyiscool #Depression #MentalHealth #mentalhealthconfession #Selflove #Selfcare #Share #shareyourstory #destigma


    I would love to write and submit content to The Mighty. Could anyone provide insight as to how to do so? Are submissions open to everyone?

    Self-Published Author, Amazon
    Selling real estate and originating loans hasn’t fulfilled me on a personal level. I have a gift for writing and altering the perception of personal experiences in such a way, it transforms and heals people from their traumatic experiences. Through this passion, I have successfully written and published two books an surviving abuse:

    Dear God: Book 1 – A Story from Hell to Hope, Published 4/2013

    Letters to the Soul: The Guide to Spiritual Awakening, Published 7/2018​

    #Abuse #DV #vaw #heal #Breakthecycle

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    Have you recently broken an unhealthy routine? #Recovery

    I’m learning daily that we’re only one decision away from a healthier lifestyle and mindset. Imagine; one choice can change everything and cause a positive domino effect. What positive decision have you recently made that improved your journey? #growth #Recovery #Breakthecycle

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    trauma based anxiety #Anxiety #Breakthecycle

    i came to this platform when i had nowhere else to turn and my marriage was falling apart. the more i tried to hold on, the worse things got for me. i finally realized i have to choose myself before anyone else and it isn't easy but seeing stuff like this helps remind me that i'm making the right choice, even when it's hard.

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    Some people call it generational curses #toxicfamily #BeTheChange #Codependency #CPTSD

    Uncertain who needed to see this today, but comment if this quote resonates with you. I actively listen to my child and tell her how clever she is. I complement her on her adorable curls and I always reassure her when she is scared that she is not alone. She has never met my fathers side of my family. She is too young to know they exist, but if and when she does meet them she will be strong enough to detect their bullshit. #Breakthecycle #EmotionalAbuse #toxicmothers

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