Nine years ago was diagnosed w bipolar type 2. I’m now 41. I’m healthy and fit. I’m successful in my work, and I’m paid well for it. I have great friends. I have a weird, probably not so mentally well family. I have struggled in relationships.

But there is something so wrong w my brain that it races. It burns hot. My thoughts are excessive, my anxiety is high, and I spend so much time trying to function normally in my daily life that I’m often exhausted by the time I get home. So many people have debilitating bipolar type 2. I am fine. But the amount of therapy, medication, money, time, energy, concentration, discipline, and struggle it takes to live a “successful” life is upsetting and unfair. I wish I had a normal brain and everything was easier. Instead I’m stuck with this overactive worry machine that I have to constantly struggle to control. Where are the other successful bipolar people? Who else doing an amazing job at acting like your mind isn’t trying to shake you at all moments or forcing yourself out of bed and onto a train each day despite everything in your body telling you to throw yourself on the tracks ? Am I the only one?

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