I have a sister, I know she self-harms, and seem suicidal, she doesn't talk about it and I have no idea how to help her, most her life she's struggled with weight, asthma several other chronic illnesses, and her up bringing wasn't the most healthy one, now I'm really scared for her but I don't what to do, I have been having several ugly(I'm not suicidal) moments myself I'm an emotional wreck , I feel drained and I feel like I have been pouring from an empty cup for so long but I somehow need to gather the strength to be there for my sister but it will probably leave me at a worse state, I haven't had proper sleep in days, when I do manage to sleep, I cry myself to sleep. After all this i need to show up at work,and be there for everyone else.There's really Noone to turn to now, the family dynamics are just too complicated #self harm, #helpless #Depression #suicode