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    Conversion Disorder - My Question

    So I had asked a question on Conversation Disorder, now thinking of how to answer to people when they comment on it. This is a long story, so be prepared to read lots.

    So here we go —

    This Disorder is more of a neurological mental disorder that makes you feel these different kind of symptoms but doesn’t particularly harm you. Now, my symptoms have included, fainting/almost passing out, numbness/weakness of my arms and legs (which has caused me to collapse on the ground and not getting back up without help), lack of oxygen, nausea, extreme shakiness (looks like a seizure but not), slurred speech, hysterical laughter at nothing, very dazed out (almost like I’m drunk but not), my body would feel like it’s overheating and all these symptoms last from 5 minutes - 2 hours or more. All depending on the severity of these attacks.

    Looking this up, I was sort of confused because it would seem to do more with anxiety or something in that state that would make your brain cause these things. Apparently, these attacks are very “real” to you and it’s “happening” but yet everything is normal and fine afterwards and in tests. I have had anxiety in the past but I don’t have much now in the present. My life has been well to a degree that it doesn’t cause me to be anxious and that is to why I’m confused of having these attacks. And for my depression, well I’m on meds and they don’t do squat imo and I ain’t really that depressed anymore anyways.

    I have been to the hospital many times by this, even one in an ambulance, but with the amount of tests, blood work and appts this is what the dr came up with (since everything had come up normal). This result of the disorder makes me feel like I have gone crazy... Everyday slowly I feel that I am going crazy may be true but these attacks haven’t been happening has often so I don’t really know. The sadder part is, is that I never know when I will get these attacks, nothing comes before it starts, it just happens wherever I am and doesn’t stop till whenever it decides to.

    So this is my whole intake on this topic and what I have been and am going though. Sorry for it being so long, but I thought I would speak my mind about it. Thanks. #Anxiety #Depression #ConversionDisorder #MentalHealth #Sundaystories