I guess i made a wrong decision in saying yes i get anxiety when my new nurse practitioner asked me. I didn't think after she wouldn't take me seriously. Doesn't everyone in this new age get anxiety? I am not talking about that i know anxiety lady. I'm tired of my body constantly telling me to go go go GOOOOO. even when i sleep. When im sitting eating. When im smoking ganga. It happens always. I've always had it. I am a forever energizer bunny that never stops. Never been diagnosed of course, who's going to believe an unsure 25 year old woman? Not many i know that much. It's getting to the point where i feel others are getting annoyed of me talking about myself but like no one gets it. They just think im a weirdo, even my family. Idk its easy to give up when no one gets it and like is it going to keep getting worse? Am i ever going to be in a calm state? Will my body ever be calm? I thought when i was younger i would grow out of this "hyperness" its just honestly so tiring at times when other times it helps me get shit done. Back to my nurse practitioner story before i interrupted myself. I told her i might have POTS and she shrugged it off going oh yeahhh a lot of people get that and it comes akd goes. She didn't even want to do a test. Made it seem unimportant. Just like everyone else and oh i had to pay her for that? I just want some understanding in how my own body works. Some people might think i am a hypochondriac but i just go to things that might fit what's up with my body. I know my body shouldn't always be in this state and yet it always is. Yes i can do party tricks. Yes i pass the beighton test. But it is a matter of someone believing in me and actually figuring it out. Which i don't have the money to even figure out if i do have well something i guess. But what importance is it if everyone is dealing with their own issues.