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Yard Work #Sunshinehelps #sweatyourtherapy

#52SmallThings I feel that there is something to be said about the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes when making your home look amazing!! #Hardwork


Lay Them Down #MightyPoets #sweatyourtherapy

Here begins purity.
The body deprived of cloudy influences.
The mind turned to prayer.
The soul filtered through clear light.

The body moves, inch by inch,
a moving mantra.
Find the things that are heavy.
Find them, seize them, weigh them, own them.
Lay them down.

The body moves, step by step,
a chant to the heart.
Find the things that are painful.
Find them, embrace them, cry in pain for them.
Lay them down.

The body moves, foot by foot,
a voiceless hymn.
Find the things that are dark.
Find them, fight them, vanquish them and mourn.
Lay them down.

Here are our burdens, brought to sacred space.
Here is the divine light welcoming our unworthy forms.
Here is compassion and healing.
Here are our burdens.
Lay them down.