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Bilateral swelling of ligaments and tendons

Hey bendy friends. I am at the end of my tether with the doctors and so called specialists. I have swelling in my tendons and ligaments that are identical on both sides but apparently there is nothing wrong ? Any way because it’s both sides and because it’s not just one side I have been fobbed off yet again. Please tell me it’s part of being bendy ? I did suspect rheumatoid arthritis but my bloods are not showing this according to the go ( I know you can still have RA without the factor in your blood but the doctor isn’t having any of it).
Picture of our new rescue dog because he is cute ❤️

Please tell me I am not going mad ?

#bendybunch #EDS #Inflamation #Tendons #ligaments #medicalgaslighting #Feelinglost #lookingforanswers


Rolled my ankle and now I can only bend it manually

So I rolled my ankle, which isn’t unusual, and within 15 minutes I realized I could no longer lift my foot from the ankle more than maybe an inch, with effort, and that feels like I’m using mainly my toe tendons to do so. When I manually bend it, there’s some aching along my peroneal (outer ankle) tendons, which are the ones that got messed with and healed weird when I had surgery nine years ago. I didn’t hear a snap or crunch or anything like I did when I was healing from my surgery, but this is obviously not ideal. Any thoughts? I had ice on it for a bit at first but don’t anymore. #Tendons #CharcotMarieToothDisease #Injury