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° " Soooo I Have Been Dealing With Massive Regret... " ° #Feelinglost #Sadness

▪︎ " So Remember On My Last Post I Said That I Had 3 Suitor's... But Only One Caught My Eye... Since Then I Have Been Feeling Like I Messed Up Badly By Passing The Guy That Was Very Nice.. Up Because My Lovely Anxiety Got In The Way.. Now I'm Feeling Like I Will Never See This Person That I Hit It Off With Again... Which Sux Because We Definitely Have Chemistry And Alot In Common... Sigh!!! OH WELL!!! • I Alway's Seem To Get Veteran's That Hit On Me The Most.. Which Is Funny.. I Guess The Universe And The God's Are Trying To Tell Me.. To Try Again... L.M.F.A.O " ° Sincerely, × Skaoi Kvitravn #Thought 's #Depression

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What do you do

when you are trusting medical professionals and they lie? I had multiple swabs in places I didn't know could be swabbed over a high fever and was put into quarentine for multiple days. I was on a high dose antibiotic. I had a lung xray as well. Days later was told my swabs were clear, I have a spot on my lung impacting my breathing and I must have had a cold. I recieved major surgery days later..likely still full of pnemonia 🥺 I woke up on oxygen from surgery. They claimed it was from the drugs they knocked me out with. I recently got access to my xrays and reports...my xray says "pnemonia". 😭 Why ..why ..why was I not told. 😭 why tell me its a spot ?? It isn't a big deal in most ways since I survived but why lie? Why not tell me its nothing when its pnemonia? Why force all this stuff and claim its a cold?? Then rush me in for my surgery??!! Then they wonder why I have medical anxiety 😭😭🥺 #whattheliteralf #medicalanxiety #pnemonia #fluidinlung #feelingangry #Feelinglost
I just want to be okay... 😭

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Struggling to keep my head up

I go to work everyday and feel like I am the only one in my department who even tries anymore. Our leader is pulled in several different directions and my other 2 coworkers barely do anything to help, except talk down about each other to me. I was told the other day I wasn't doing enough but my coworkers get to walk around and talk all day instead of work with no repercussions. I loved this job because I wouldn't have to deal with the public as much anymore but now I feel like I can't even do anything right anymore. #Feelinglost #depressed

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Normal MRI… what now?

My MRI results came back as normal & ENT have discharged me.

I’m not quite sure what to do. Does this mean I have to deal with migraines for the rest of my life now? My hearing randomly going? The pain and mental attacks from the increases during colds etc?

I know, I should be grateful that it’s normal. But I’m just feeling lost and frustrated. There’s no plan now other than just having to deal with it.

#Sinus #ent #MRI #symptoms #ChronicPain #ChronicMigraines #Hearing #MentalHealth #Feelinglost #normal #WhatNow

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How do you find help #Therapist #BipolarDisorder #Feelinglost #numb

I am type 1 bipolar. I was on abilify for several years. I stopped taking it about a year ago I guess. I didn’t feel s difference.

Currently I am struggling with depression. I’m doing a good job pretending to be fine, but I know I am not. I feel numb. I hate my job. I’m
Always tired. Completely unmotivated to do anything.
Even things I used to love doing. If I didn’t have to leave my house I wouldn’t.

How do I get out of this? It’s affecting my marriage. It’s effecting my relationships with friends, the few I have left, and family.

Everything is hard. How can I be numb and in pain at the same time?

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Bilateral swelling of ligaments and tendons

Hey bendy friends. I am at the end of my tether with the doctors and so called specialists. I have swelling in my tendons and ligaments that are identical on both sides but apparently there is nothing wrong ? Any way because it’s both sides and because it’s not just one side I have been fobbed off yet again. Please tell me it’s part of being bendy ? I did suspect rheumatoid arthritis but my bloods are not showing this according to the go ( I know you can still have RA without the factor in your blood but the doctor isn’t having any of it).
Picture of our new rescue dog because he is cute ❤️

Please tell me I am not going mad ?

#bendybunch #EDS #Inflamation #Tendons #ligaments #medicalgaslighting #Feelinglost #lookingforanswers


Recently been diagnosed with BPD after 20 years! #Feelinglost

I have just been diagnosed with BPD after suggesting it to my doctor, I was told I had severe depression with generalised anxiety and panic attacks. I've tried most antidepressants but I'd find they'd stop working after a while and I'd still feel depressed. So I'm also medication resistant. I'm still waiting for my time2talk self referral I'm just hoping they can help with the right therapy. I was told DBT is the right therapy for me, I feel overwhelmed and relieved at the same time. I guess I feel lost at sea... I've found lately I always feel burnt out and exhausted.

I just wondered if anyone has any suggestions of books or what I can do to help myself and get my head around the diagnosis ❤🙏🏻

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I just want to feel I have a Purpose in this world besides being a Mother & Wife 😢😢

For quite some time, I have been feeling like the world is rejecting me & doesn’t want me to have a purpose in this world. For Heavens sake I’m 40 years old, when the H** is my life purpose going to go somewhere!! I know I have Screwed up Soooo many times in my life & have blew soooo many opportunities that I unfortunately can’t go back & change, as much as I would love to & would give anything to go back & change things & I Regret it every second of Everyday.

I’m beginning to wonder if there is still any hope to hold onto….Over the last 2 months I have been meeting with my supported employment worker & she is supposed to be helping me work towards becoming a Mental Health Attendant Care Worker or a Mental Health Youth Care Worker but to be quite honest, it’s just not moving fast enough…which is piss poor on her part because she’s supposed to be working on my resume & getting it all set up but Still after Several weeks has yet to finish it so I can start applying to Mental Health agencies to be an Attendant Care Worker or a Mental Health Youth Care Worker.

All the while, I called a woman’s battered shelter & asked to volunteer there to help other women gain stability in there life & mentor & be an advocate for other women who have been in the same situation as me & have suffered trauma. But sadly, I have yet to receive a call back & it’s been over 2 weeks since ive gotten in contact with them inquiring about a volunteer position. I’m to the point of being done waiting because obviously they don’t want me or else I would have received some type of phone call….I can’t express how discouraging all of this is….

It’s like this world has a force against me & doesn’t want me to succeed. Maybe I don’t have a purpose in life. I feel like this is All my life is going to be is a wife & Mother….Not that, that is a bad thing. I Love my Girls More than Anything in this World but I also need to do something for myself that makes me feel good about myself & that will keep my mind busy & improve my mental health & depression & keep me from constantly being in my head & get out of my husband’s hair. I feel like I’m driving him insane & making him miserable. Although he says I’m not…..I wish I could believe that.

#Feelinglost #WhereisMyPurpose #discouraged #BarelyHangingOn #losinghope #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PastRegrets #PTSD #Anxiety


Thank God for this Nationwide Support!

I joined this Support app a few days ago & im So glad I did! I’ve had More Support & Encouragement from a wide variety of people, than from my own husband! I’m So glad & relieved I have a safe place to have an outlet without judgement or yelling or criticizing. I’m able to express how I feel & so many people genuinely care & offer their encouragement & support without any strings attached & are non judgemental. I can’t Thank All those enough who have shown me so much support & Encouragement, throughout these last 2 days! I also want to give a Huge Shout out to the developer & Creater of this App!! YOU ROCK!!! 🤟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 This Support App is Absolutely Amazing!! #themightyrocks #LoveTheMighty #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #Depression #MentalSupport #MentalIllness #Feelinglost #FeelingAlone #IHateMentalillness